If you've downloaded Nutty Player in the past but had some issues with the app, you might want to give it another go. A new update is rolling through BlackBerry World right now and it includes a nice of list of changes for the app that should solve some of the issues folks were seeing previously, take a look at what's been fixed.

  • Video list loading issue fixes
  • Application startup issues fix
  • MKV format support fix
  • Z30 splash-screen fix
  • UI assets update
  • Other UI improvements

Luckily, I've not had many issues with the app but it's always nice to see updates and I'll gladly take any improvements. As a reminder, Nutty Player is a free download so you're not really losing out on anything by giving it a go. You can grab Nutty Player using the BlackBerry World link below.

Download Nutty Player for BlackBerry 10