Numbercop, stop spam calls!

It's no secret that wireless carriers recycle numbers once they are no longer active. When someone gives up their number it goes back into a pool in as little as 30 days from time of disconnection. This can sometimes cause problems for users who open a new line of service as they will end up with calls and text messages from the previous owners friends, family members and even bill collectors. Sometimes those numbers also catch a lot of spam calls, phishing scams and telemarketers. Numbercop looks to help you out with the spam calls, available in BlackBerry App World for the US, Canada, UK and Australia Numbercop works great as a spam call preventative measure.

Recently having obtained a T-Mobile number I was able to test this application out as soon after getting the number, I quickly realized I was getting spam calls from the previous owner. After installing Numbercop the calls are now cut off after the number is identified and dumped directly to voicemail. In the instance a number calling you is not marked as spam, the application allows you to submit it to their site from your device and after enough complaints are recieved the number will be cut off from calling you. While Numbercop lacks in full features, it does work as described and is free check it out in BlackBerry App World. If you are looking for a more feature rich application be sure to check out Buzz Off in the CrackBerry App Store as a paid solution.

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