number cruncher

I am constantly on the lookout for games to kill time with on my BlackBerry, you never know when you'll have more time to kill than Twitter and BBM can fill. I got word about Number Cruncher earlier this week and decided to check it out. First thing in its favor is that fact that it's free, which is always a bonus. For a free game, it shows premium polish and a simple premise that's easy enough to learn that it will have you playing comfortably in no time. Finding and "crunching" chains of numbers gets very addictive, and the timer slowly ticking down in the top corner of the screen adds a touch of challenge to the game.  I found myself finally remembering to put it down after almost an hour the first time I played, and I've put some serious time into it every day since.  A definite keeper on my device, check it out and see for yourself today.  Available in BlackBerry App World at the link below.

  • Download Number Cruncher Today From BlackBerry App World>>

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