The CrackBerry Abuser Theme Now this is what I call one Helluva Birthday Present...

In honor of's 1st Birthday, John from JC Designs / GadgetBean has custom built a Premium BlackBerry theme for the member community.  And I do mean Premium - the bottom dock zen layout features animation (the shortcuts jump when they become active!) and the theme is packed with all the latest indicators (ie. WiFi).  Static images don't do this theme justice - you need to see it in action to fully appreciate it. It's easily one of the nicest themes I have seen to date!

John even came up with two versions - the CrackBerry User version and the CrackBerry Abuser version (pictured) to give users two options of which shortcuts to have featured on the fixed bottom dock. Huge thanks to JC Designs for doing this up for the community. You can pick up other Premium Themes by JC Designs in our store.

To rollout the free theme, the Crack Team pulled an all nighter and built the Free Theme Gallery (to go with the Wallpaper & Ringtone galleries). It's still in beta and we have some improvements planned, so thanks for the patience!

Login to the, head to the appropriate links below (more screenshots and info on theme download page), and be sure to let us know what you think! Downloads are available via OTA (an email will be sent to your device containing the download link) or .Zip download for .alx installation via Desktop Manager. Be sure to download the version that's compatible with your Device Model and Operating System version (downloading an incompatible theme will cause problems). We have also made the theme available for the BlackBerry 8700 series, and if you are a 8700 user, PLEASE verify you have at least OS4.2.1 installed before downloading the theme. If you install on an older OS you will likely "nuke" your BlackBerry (a few people didn't check their OS when downloading the CrackBerry Christmas theme - click here for the fix). I don't want to see anybody running into this problem, so CHECK. If you need help or support, visit the Theme thread in the forums.

Download the Theme

* Be sure to check your Operating System version before downloading to ensure your device is compatible (8700, 8100 and 8800 users especially - if you are running OSv4.2.1 be sure to download that version of the theme and do not install if your theme is older).
** Pearl 8110/8120/8130 users with OSv4.3.1 - download the OS4.2.2 theme (that's the minimum OS requirement so you are good to go).