BlackBerry Ninja

We've all heard the term used right? BlackBerry Ninja -- it's not a new thing to hear these days. RIM, as they get ready for the BlackBerry Developers Conference has shown they are not some stuffy company and can (and do) like to have a little fun. The latest showing of this is a promotion for the BlackBerry Developers Conference wherein users can create avatars, wallpapers and even shirts with their own customized BlackBerry person on them.

If you are heading to the Developers Conference or if you just want to have a cool new wallpaper or avatar you'll definitely want to check this out. The creations are not limited to ninjas either. You can have vampires, pirates and more, or just be a person in general. As well, if you do so wish you can order up a shirt with the image on it and if you are attending dev con, can pick it up at registration or just have it delivered to your house. Check it out and get your ninja on, although it's maybe a little overused already and might want to be a BlackBerry pirate instead. Afterall, Halloween is just around the corner. ;)

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