1250mAh OEM-sized Extended Battery for the Pearl 2

It's HERRRE.... Pearl "2" users can now pick up the Seidio 1250 mAh OEM-sized extended battery from our ShopCrackBerry.com store. List price is $49.95, but it rings in at $42.95 and should add considerable life to your Pearl 8110, 8120, or 8130.

Here's the official verbage from Seidio:

This 1250mAh OEM Sized Extended Life Battery for the Blackberry Pearl II (8110/8120/8130) will not only replace your current battery, but will also provide approximately 30% more power than the battery that initially ships with the Blackberry 8130. With this battery, you're gaining considerably longer device usability, without extending the shape, or weight of your phone. For those users on the go without access to an external charging alternative, this battery will give the extra boost in life that you need!

Keep in mind this battery fits under the standard battery door, so no thickness to the device is added. The coming of this battery has been long-waited by our CrackBerry.com community, and the initial user reports being posted in the forums suggest the battery kicks butt over the standard battery the Pearl "2" ships with. Look for a full-out CrackBerry.com review in the near future.

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