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w00t! Finally in stock!! I'm a HUGE fan of Seidio's BlackBerry holsters, as are most of the CrackBerry Addicts I know who give their products a try. That said, I've been waiting patiently since the moment I first held a BlackBerry Bold in my hand (1:24pm on May 5th if I recall correctly) for Seidio to manufacture a holster for it and for us to get it in stock at

Existing BlackBerry Bold owners and soon-to-be Bold owners (November 4th is just around the corner for those of you on AT&T!) will definitely want to check out these BlackBerry Bold carrying solutions from Seidio:

Not rock'n a Bold? We carry a ton of excellent Seidio accessories in stock for all BlackBerry models - you can check them out here. And we've been steadily ramping up our Bold accessory inventory and offering, so if you're eagerly waiting for the arrival of your new Bold or already have one and need to pimp it up, be sure to take a browse through BlackBerry Bold catalogue.