BlackBerry Bold 9020 with Leather Battery Door Cover

We've seen plenty of photos and videos of the BlackBerry 9020, aka "onyx" to date, but despite the 9020's overall awesomeness (3G / WiFi / GPS / sleek form factor / fast processor / etc.) there has been something missing about the device. With a model number like the 9020 it has to be part of the Bold line, yet all of the 9020's that have been caught glimpsed in the wild to date have featured a plastic door. For many a BlackBerry Bold owner, the leather bling is one of the coolest features of the device and is what makes it easy to spot.

Good news for the leather (err... faux leather) lovers out there... it seems the folks at feedberry got their hands on a 9020 that features an updated battery door cover, and this one shares the Bold 9000's leather stylings. AWESOME. This particular unit still has the trackball (vs. trackpad which you can see here) but couple a leather back, trackpad and everything else we showed you previously in this review and you have one hellluva a BlackBerry. I can't wait to get one of these and get it done up by Coveroo with a metallic CrackBerry logo. Click the image above to see more photos.