Tour Draws Out The CrackBerry In All Of Us!

No one can ever say CrackBerry fans are not loyal! Especially not too HeroBerry, GigaJoe and SparoBerry (left to right). These three CrackBerry fans decided to celebrate the launch of the BlackBerry Tour in awesome fashion and these pictures are the result of what happened when Tour frenzy struck.

The shaven head in the pic is that of Gigajoe who willingly gave up his hair all in the name of fun and to show some CrackBerry pride for us all. Helped by his cousin HeroBerry and good friend Sparoberry, Gigajoe now has the best looking logo ever on the back of his head and that my friends is just saweeet! But what I really wanna know is - How did HeroBerry end up with the Tour at the expense of Gigajoe's head?  More shots after the jump or get a good look at them all via their TwitPic stream and be sure to check out the forum thread.