Back in January we ran a post here on the blogs about an upcoming cross-carrier Push-to-Talk solution called HipVoice. By using data, rather than a single carrier's built-in PTT network, HipVoice allows for quick communication between smartphone users (or groups of users) on just about any device, any network, located almost anywhere (you'll both need that data connection). It's a compelling premise, and definitely a solution that can benefit both business and consumer end users.

HipVoice just launched for BlackBerry today. You can watch the video above to see it in action or jump over to learn more. We'll be following up in a few days with a more in-depth CrackBerry look at HipVoice in action. In the meantime, you can sign-up below to actually give HipVoice a try for 7 days free of charge, after which you can either sign-up or walk away. Pricing varies a bit (volume discounts, etc.) but costs as low as $10/month ongoing - not bad for a solution that can really change the way you work and use your BlackBerry. 

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