Download the Official and Free BlackBerry PlayBook App for!

Download The CrackBerry App for the BlackBerry PlayBook!

OK BlackBerry PlayBook owners, it's time to fire up your tablet and head to App World to download The CB App! Our friends at ShaoSoft put this one together for us, and it's a CrackBerry must-have. The CB App takes the best of and puts it into a nice dashboard app that gives you the latest news, forum and video content and gets you to where you want to go quickly.

Features of The CB App include:

  • Integrated blog reader with ability to post comments
  • Built-in video player to keep up to date
  • Scrolling feed of the latest Blac​kBer​ry Play​Book​ discussions from the forums.
  • Quick shortcuts to the most popular features of the CrackBerry website
  • Easy search of CrackBerry's blogs and forums 

It's off to a great start and is only going to get better as we add deeper integration and rollout some additional new features. For the whopping cost of FREE OF CHARGE, this one is a no brainer - EVERY PLAYBOOK OWNER SHOULD DOWNLOAD THIS APP. Follow the link below or just head to App World and search for crackberry or cb. One of these days I'd sure love to see RIM just let us put the CrackBerry name in App World... but in the meantime, remember, it's THE CB APP. Now go download it and be sure to give it a 5 star rating and positive review!

Download The CB App for the BlackBerry PlayBook for Free

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