Killer Paint and Unique Autosports Cases for BlackBerry Smartphones

Following up on the exciting news this week that free shipping is now available on orders of $50 or more from (within continental US), our e-commerce team is excited to announce a new exclusive to our Smarpthone Experts stores. Now available from are a variety of high-quality leather cases for BlackBerry Smartphones that feature designs by Mike Lavallee (Killer Paint) and Will Castro (Unique Autosports). Anybody into cars is going to know both of these names and companies very well.

The unique designs are not simply painted on leather as is common in the industry, but are applied using an innovative, patented process developed by Keru which uses a microscopic polymer to bind the ink to the leather. Think of it as tattooed leather - the designs are extremely durable, hold their color, and won't scratch or peel off. Perfect for a BlackBerry case. You can follow the links below to see the full collections which are available for a number of devices in both side pouch and top pouch styles. 

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