An earlier version of this article mistakingly noted the My Account app was also not showing as compatible for Android BlackBerry devices. That was incorrect. Apologies for the error.

If you're a TELUS customer who relies on the TELUS My Account app to check on your account, then you'll want to make note that as of November 9, 2016, the app will no longer be supported on BlackBerry 10 and older.

TELUS has begun sending text messages out to folks with BlackBerry devices associated with their account but just in case, for whatever reason, you haven't received the notification this is a heads up. As noted in the text message, you can still access your account information via their website.

Rumor has it, they're relaunching the app for Android and iOS which likely means they evaluated the situation and decided against building it for anything else but those two operating systems.

Thanks, @Blocknards!