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OnMyWay is a new free location based application available for the BlackBerry platform by TeleNav. It is a simple notification application designed to assist users keep a person or group of people informed about your ETA to an event or location.

Let's say you are at home, and due at a meeting in an hour. You can open up OnMyWay, input your destination, and select what contacts you want to be notified about your arrival. Once you start your trip, the contacts will be periodically notifed about your ETA to the destination. No longer do you have to worry about calling ahead to let someone know you will be running late to an appointment. Your contacts will be notifed by OnMyWay with a simple text message or email.  

Did I mention that OnMyWay is a free application? It is available from BlackBerry App World and it currently works on all four major U.S. carriers, and supports the following BlackBerry devices: Curve 8310, 8530, 8900/8800, 8820/Bold 9000, 9700/Tour 9630. Also one important thing to note is that standard text messaging and data usage fees apply. Hit the link below to download. Please note: This is currently only working on AT&T devices. 

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