Notify Me for BlackBerry 10

Do you spend a reasonable amount of time at your computer? If so, wouldn't it be handy for your emails, SMS and phone calls to pop up on the PC/Mac where you can then decide if you need to actually pick up and take a look at your BlackBerry? That's just what Notify Me for BlackBerry 10 does and it works a treat. 

I was going to do a video to go along with this post but it would have been so short and boring I decided it wouldn't be great content. Notify Me comes from ShaoSoft so you know your getting a quality application, judging by previous releases. 

The application utilizes Growl for the notifications on the computer. Getting things set up is a piece of cake as the application has full instructions and even links to help you get up and running as soon as possible. The great thing with the Growl notifications is that you have a load of 'theme' options so you can choose what they look like. Then it's just a case of entering your IP Address into the app and off you go. You can even choose which notifications you will get on the computer with toggles for emails, SMS and phone calls. 

There's a test tab in the app which when pressed will give you a pop-up on your computer confirming your BlackBerry 10 device is connected. Then just sit back and wait for some emails or text messages to come in. The non-important ones you can ignore, whilst if they look like they need a response you can pick up your BlackBerry or open up your preferred email application on the computer - clever stuff. 

Notify Me is priced at £1.50/$1.99 and I'm so glad I invested in it. Give it a try and let us know what you think? 

Full features include: 

  • See incoming Email name and subject 
  • See incoming SMS name and full message 
  • See incoming phone calls 
  • Configurable options to disable pop-ups you don't want to see

More information/Download Notify Me for BlackBerry 10