Notifier for BlackBerry

I spend much of my day in front of the laptop, and my BlackBerry is always on vibrate. Because of this, sometimes I miss important calls as I just don't notice that when my device is vibrating. If this sounds familiar, maybe because you work in an office and your BlackBerry is tucked away in your desk or purse, you should check out Notifier for BlackBerry. This simple app forwards notifications from your BlackBerry to your computer via wifi.

Currently, notifications for incoming phone calls, SMS messages, and battery status are the only ones included, but hopefully more will be added in the future. All you do is purchase the BlackBerry app for $.99 and install it. You will also need the desktop portion of the app for Windows or Mac which you can install online from the developer's website. To set up the app, simply enter the IP address (displayed within the desktop client) into Notifier on your BlackBerry, and you're done! Alerts will be displayed on your computer screen as your device receives calls and SMS messages, and as your battery level drops. I can't wait to see more updates to this little app. BBM would be a great addition, for example.

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