Just as I was getting used to version 2.0 of Noted, the developer went ahead and made two significant updates to the popular utility application. If you browse through the combined changed log you'll find quite a few new features although the ones that stand out for me is Active Frame support, Auto Save, and the ability to share text and urls directly into the application. 

Full change log

  • Auto Save: automatically saves open notes on a user-defined interval
  • Share Menu integration: clip text and URLs directly into Noted
  • Universal Search integration: search notes from the OS search function
  • Active Frame support, set a note as Active Frame content
  • Auto-refresh destination category after moving a note to another category
  • Settings: Enable/disable Auto Save, Set Auto Save interval, Hide note descriptions, Enable/disable Active Frame support, Use textured background in Active Frame
  • Help menu
  • Share app
  • Review app

An interesting capability of Noted is how it is compatible with the integrated BlackBerry Voice Control application. When you are creating a new note, simply press and hold on the period key (which has a microphone in the corner), speak what you would like to enter into the field and tap the done button when you have finished recording. 

One more feature that should help in your daily note taking activities is the ability to insert custom fields or the date and time in your notes. Simply tap on the overflow menu when creating a new entry, tap insert, and then either choose the date and time or input your own text in the three custom fields. This is perfect for those who have repetitive tasks.

If you are searching for a fluid, native, and easy to use place to store and keep track of all your tasks, there is no reason you shouldn't give it a try. It supports all BlackBerry 10 handsets and can be purchased for $0.99. I also love how the developer is working hard to implement these updates and take user suggestions to improve the application.

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