My favorite note taking application pushed through another update this week and with it came bug fixes, enhancements and more. It may be a simple app hearkening back to the memo pad days of legacy devices, but for those who want to keep track of all of their notes and to-do's, it stores them in one convenient place. 

Carterbits provided the following change log which lists all of the additions and modifications. As you can see, Carterbits is dedicated to improving his application and these constant updates are proof of it. He is always available in the forums or by email to lend a hand or take suggestions. 


  • Custom icons for categories
    • Tap the overflow (three dots) in a category, tap the Flower icon, then browse to an image file. Supports gif, jpg and png images.
  • Settings (under Categories, Icon Styles)
    • Added 4 new icon styles for categories
    • Button, Flat (monochrome), Scrap and Sticky


  • Settings (under Categories, Icon Styles)
    • Added 3 new icon styles for categories
    • Glass, Polished and Orb


  • Settings
    • Night mode for editing notes, white text on black
    • Saves power on OLED screens
  • Updated Italian translations
  • Fix: Descriptions from very long notes sometimes appeared blank in note lists


  • Updated Spanish translations


  • Copy to Clipboard feature, via long press on a note in a list
    • In the Secure category, this only copies the note's body to the Clipboard, to enable password keeper functionality
  • Fix: Unicode characters can now be shared successfully (instead of turning to question marks) to other apps using the Share feature.


  • Settings
    • Enable/disable Landscape orientation 
    • Adjust note text size for viewing and editing notes
  • Added note export confirmation toast

You can find Noted for all BlackBerry 10 devices for $.99. It certainly has come a long way since its initial release, due to the developer's commitment and all of the comments received that were later incorporated. 

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