One of my favorite note taking applications received another update this week and now stands at version 3.0. It may be a simple app hearkening back to the memo pad days of legacy devices, but for a sometimes absentminded individual such as myself, it stores all of my notes in one convenient database. 

This time around the change log is rather small, but you can view all of the modifications Carterbits incorporated below. What I do love is the quality service he provides and how dedicated he is to making it better with each new iteration. No matter what bug or issue one is experiencing, he is always there in forums to lend a hand or to consider suggestions.


  • New Settings feature to show/hide categories


  • Auto-hide bottom Action Bar on scroll, feature can be turned on/off in Settings
  • Search tab now automatically sets cursor to the search field on first visit
  • Ability to Share new note data, before the note has even been saved
  • New Settings feature to Allow/Disallow setting a secure note as the Active Frame cover data
  • Active Frame updates more reliable


  • Automatic Backups to SD card, Dropbox, wherever!


  • Linked Notes - shortcuts to plain text files so you can use Noted as a plain text editor.
  • Import and export notes from/to plain text files

If you haven't had a chance to try it, be sure to check out my original review. However, please note the price has changed since then and now stands at $1.99. 

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