It has been a while since we've heard from Carterbits, the developer behind the popular notepad/text editor app Noted. He has been hard at work integrating bug fixes, enhancements, and more into the application. For those of you not already familiar with its capabilities, it is a simple application similar to the memo pad back on legacy devices that helps you keep track of your notes and to-do's all in one convenient place.

Below is the full change log that shows all of the recent additions and modifications.


  • A web page that is “Shared” to Noted now automatically sets the note's title from the web page's title
  • New note from Clipboard feature creates a note using the data currently in the Clipboard
  • New setting to "Disable Active Text Features" for users who don't want URL support in notes


  • Translated into Indonesian
  • Fixed: bug that prevented Universal Search based searches from working


  • Advanced setting to toggle spell checking on / off to improve performance on large notes.


  • Optimized for OS 10.2 (and now only supports devices on 10.2 or higher)
  • Filter-as-you-type in categories; filters the list of notes by note title. Great for keyboard-based devices.
  • Improved "Auto-hide UI elements on scroll" behavior for keyboard-based devices. The previous implementation made it difficult to select a line at the bottom of the display in a note if the action bar was hidden. Frequently the action bar would pop up and get in the way.


  • Pinch and Zoom to decrease/increase font size of an open note
  • Quick Inserts; Long press in a note text field, tap Go on the Inserts toast to launch the Inserts sheet (Date, Time, Date/Time, Custom strings)
  • Decreased startup time
  • Improved Italian translations
  • Improved Spanish translations
  • Improved Portuguese translations
  • Improved French translations
  • Decreased download size of app by 30%

You can find Noted for all BlackBerry 10 devices running OS 10.2 and higher for $1.99. As always the developer is committed to making improvements and is open to suggestions for future versions.

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