Now that the Christmas holiday is over it's time to focus our attention on the New Year. That being said, who doesn't love a sale? Carterbits is placing their popular notepad and text editor application Noted on sale for 50% off, or $.99, to help ring in 2014. 

Now we have featured this application before starting with the original review. Since that time the developer has only improved the capabilities and functionality of the application as you can tell by the extensive feature list below. 


  • Fast, native BlackBerry® 10 app, built using Cascades
  • Edit plain text files using Linked Notes, store shortcuts to plain text files within Noted
  • Import and export plain text files
  • Automatic backups to Dropbox, or wherever else you choose
  • Space-saving "Auto-hide Action Bar on scroll" in category lists and while editing notes
  • "Clippings" category serves as default target for Sharing to Noted
  • Dictation: Dictate your notes using the integrated OS dictation feature
  • Password protected "Secure" notes category
  • Auto Save: automatically saves open notes on a user-defined interval
  • Share menu integration: clip text and URLs directly into Noted
  • Universal Search integration
  • In-app Search, including: View All feature, can be used as a pseudo “All” category (minus Secure notes), Clear Search feature, clears the current search and sets the cursor to the search field
  • Active Frame support: set a note as the Active Frame cover data
  • Auto-refresh destination category after moving a note to another category
  • Note categories: Work, Personal, Miscellaneous and Custom help you organize your information
  • Customizable category names (except for Secure)
  • Move notes between categories
  • Quick Inserts: Date, Time, custom strings
  • Eight level undo and redo
  • Find within note (Z10 only due to OS bug)
  • Backup to SD card or Dropbox (read help file)
  • Share notes over BBM, Email, SMS text, etc
  • Copy notes to Clipboard from note lists
  • Settings: Delete confirmation, Cancel confirmation, Hide note descriptions in all categories, Or, hide note descriptions only in Secure category, Enable/disable Active Frame support, Set Active Frame title color, Option to set Active Frame text size as Small or Default, Use textured background in Active Frame, Open notes in edit mode, Sort notes in chronological order, Sort notes in descending order, Show/hide group headers, Quick Insert formats, Select date formats, Select 12 or 24 hr time
  • Swipe to save
  • Localized into Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, French and German

From now until end of day on January 1, you can grab it at the link below for the discounted price.

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