We don't seem to be short of note taking applications on BlackBerry 10 and I've used a few myself. Note Pad arrived in BlackBerry World a while ago and after using it for a few days I have decided that it may well be my favorite one yet.

There is one thing that sets this apart from the others I've been playing around with and that's its sharing function. Once in a note the 'Share' tab is located at the base of the display and from here you can share with any of the applications you have integrated in your BlackBerry Hub - this I love.

The user interface is kept clean and simple - again, another thing that attracts me to apps like these. You have a white background with black text so it looks tidy. At the base of the screen is the 'Add Note' tab. You are then presented with two fields to complete. The first being the Note Title and then the Note Content. And that's all the app does, but it's great and does just what it says plus more.

Note Pad is free to download so if you have a BlackBerry Z10 I would give it a look. Hopefully Q10 support will follow shortly.

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