blackberry internet serviceAccording to Telus Mobility here in Canada and, Research in Motion has upgraded to BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS) 2.3 which supports a whole raft of new features.

New features include added support for G-mail and Yahoo mail accounts. For G-mail that means real time delivery of messages and for Yahoo Mmail it means two-way, synchronization of deletes to and from the Yahoo Mail inbox, and real-time synchronization of message status. The new BIS also features auto forwarding. Copies of e-mail messages that are sent to a client's Telus BlackBerry e-mail address (i.e. ) can be now be automatically forwarded to another third-party web mail account such as G-mail and Yahoo Mail.

There is also new a attachment viewing option, which means you can now easily view JPEG, BMP, TIFF, RTF, MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint files, Corel WordPerfect and Adobe PDFs. PowerPoint presentations and PDFs can even be viewed in slideshow format.

Starting today, all new BlackBerry devices will come with BIS v2.3 features. If a Telus existing client for example was on BIS 2.1 they were automatically upgraded to BIS 2.3 on June 2. No action was required. However those clients on BIS 1.8 clients need to log onto their BIS account by visiting and accept the invitation to upgrade to BIS 2.3.

If you don’t know your BIS version you can log onto the above BIS site and a message will ask them to upgrade if they are on the older version.

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