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BlackBerry Outage

*UPDATE* - This issue is now marked as resoved, if you had problems it is just a matter of getting the backlog of messages delivered right nowbut otherwise, service have returned to normal.

Looks as though some North American and LATAM BlackBerry users are experiencing an outage. It's not affecting all carriers but folks may experience delays in sending or receiving messages or in using services such as BlackBerry Messenger:

BlackBerry Services (Roaming Relay)

  • Impact: Some US and LATAM users
  • Some users may experience delays when using services such as emails, BBM and Browsing.

Unable to update BBM Avatars

  • Impact: US and LATAM users
  • Some users may be unable to update BlackBerry Messenger avatars. 

BIS Email

  • Impact: Canada and LATAM 
  • Some users in Canada and LATAM may experience a delay in sending/receiving email, viewing email attachments, activating email service, or requesting "More" in an email. Wireless service providers and device resellers may experience delays in creating @BlackBerry (carrier-provided) email accounts, integrating third-party email accounts, or provisioning services for these accounts.

As of right now, RIM is aware of the issue and is working to resolve the situation as soon as possible. We'll update everyone when we hear it has been resolved. The estimated amount of people affected is relatively small, sitting at only 6.25% of users.

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