Nomad High Volta
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Nomad has made some of my favorite accessories to go with my iPhone and Apple Watch, and the latest limited edition colors for their iPhone Sport Case and Apple Watch Sport Band are no exception — not to mention they are incredibly yellow. I mean, just look at that yellow.

High Voltage Sign
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The new color is called "High Volta", and, well, it's the kind of intense yellow I would expect to see on a high voltage electrical warning sign. Maybe that's where Nomad got the name… /s

The Nomad iPhone Sport Case is pretty straight-forward, with a glossy plastic backplate and a TPU bumper that provides grip for both the phone and your hands. The black sides are nicely scalloped, providing a nice depression for the pads of your finger tips to slot right into. The back itself is where all that yellow comes in, with a very, very flourescent yellow glossy yellow that also offers a surprising amount of grip without being tacky. The back panel also has an embeded MagSafe magnet ring, ensuring that the iPhone still sticks firmly to MagSafe accessories and charger pucks.

My only real complaint is with the lip around the camera module — the stiff black ring only makes the dust-collecting properties of the multi-layered iPhone camera module even worse. I'm not normally a case guy, but Nomad's Sport Case fits the iPhone 14 Pro snuggly and the moderate addition of bulk was offset nicely by the scalloped side grips. And that yellow, man does it just scream when you pull this sucker out of a pocket.

Color aside, the physical design of the Nomad Sport Case isn't all that insane. The Nomad Sport Band for Apple Watch, on the other hand… that design makes more of a statement. Made from a flexible rubber, the band has a "pin and tuck" design like the standard Apple-made Sport Band in function, but with a beefier pill-shaped pin and scalloped depressions on both sides of the band at every hole for that pin. The band fit snuggly in the slots of my Apple Watch Ultra, perhaps a bit too snuggly as it was rather difficult to install and that didn't improve with multiple removals and reinstllations — though I'd rather a snug fit than a loose one where the band wobbles all over.

The band offers enough adjustability to fit any wrist, though if you prefer a tighter fit you may find the somewhat sharp corners uncomfortable. Thankfully, that ridged pattern on the inside of the band still provided plenty of grip even with a looser fitment. Though I can't conclusively prove it I also feel like the interior scalloping may help somewhat with ventilation — especially for sweaty workouts. I never felt like the band was getting uncomfortable or sticky as I worked with it on.

And, of course, it's also High Volta yellow and intense as all get out. This isn't a color I would normally wear for daily use, but during these colder and darker days of winter I appreciated the pop of color and turned to the band for when I was out and about for a walk or run in the morning or evening. At $59.95 it's a bit pricier than the cheaper no-name Apple Watch bands out there, but unlike those I never felt like this was going to fall off the watch or come unlatched from my wrist.

Nomad iPhone Sport Case High Volta

Nomad Sport Case High Volta for iPhone 14 Pro

A glossy high-voltage-yellow black and a grippy black TPU bumper mean this case will stand out when you pull your iPhone out of your pocket or bag.

Nomad Apple Watch Sport Band High Volta

Nomad Sport Band High Volta for Apple Watch

Intensely yellow with an agressive but not in-your-face edgy style, Nomad's Sport Band for Apple Watch strikes the right balance between style and fit and breathability.

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