Nomad Analytics for BlackBerry  Nomad Analytics for BlackBerry

The folks from Grupo83 let us know about their new Google Analytics app for BlackBerry Smartphones, which as you might expect, I was eager to try out. For $4.99 in App World, Nomad Analytics brings your website's Google Analytics data to the palm of your hand.

Main features of Nomad Analytics include:

  • Ability to select any of the sites linked to your Analytics account
  • Easy and intuitive menu navigation interface
  • Nice line and pie charts to easily provide main information graphically
  • Data and graphs on daily, weekly and monthly basis for all the information provided
  • Selectable date format
  • Available in English and Spanish. More languages to come.

As for the data reported, it includes the usual overload of stats for the things Google analytics users would expect, including: overview, sources, countries, keywords, content, browser, operating systems, languages, networks and mobile connections. For BlackBerry users who manage a website and want to know how their site is doing when away from the computer, it's definitely a welcome app have to have installed. 

It still needs a bit of tweaking though. I actually found the login field to not be friendly to a long email addres (took me forever to actually login as my address was longer than the input field and the cursor went all crazy when it ran past the visible field). Also, the reporting seems to be limited in terms of date ranges. The daily view shows today's data, while weekly and monthly show you the past seven and 31 days including the current day (which I dislike it defaulting to that as the current day usually contains partial data - I'd rather it default to the previous full day on those reports). Also, it doesn't appear that there is currently anyway to run reports for specific data ranges, which is too bad, but I guess that's what the full version of analytics is for. At least Nomad Analytics does give you a good snapshot of where things are on your website right now. For more info and to purchase, you can grab it from App World at the link below.

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