RIM patent

Nokia is looking to ban the sale of all BlackBerry smartphones with WLAN capabilities (which is most current phones) following a dispute over patent royalty fees. This comes after the two companies entered arbitration back in September with the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce in Sweden. Nokia argues that an earlier patent ruling states RIM is not allowed to manufacture devices with wifi connectivity, while RIM is saying that the deal means they shouldn't have to pay fees for the WLAN technology in devices.

Nokia filed a petition Monday with the U.S. District Court in San Jose that stated:

"RIM and its U.S. subsidiary RIM Corporation nevertheless continue to violate the award and breach the underlying agreement, through actions including but not limited to the unauthorized manufacture and sale of WLAN products within this district [Northern California] and throughout the United States." 

The contention follows an agreement from 2003 in which Nokia licensed various patents regarding mobile devices to RIM. 

Source: ComputerWorld