Smartphone Traffic - WorldwideAdMob served just under four billion ads in the month of July, and they've released some interesting statistics on who and what they were serving them to.

Nokia led the pack with a whopping 34% browser market share while BlackBerry tailed with 3%, slightly beating out Apple's Safari at 2%. In terms of handsets, Nokia unsurprisingly led at 32.8% of requests, with RIM at 2.8%, followed by Kyocera, Palm, HTC, and finally Apple. Motorola's RAZR V3 was first in the top 20 specific models, followed mostly by Nokia and other Motorola models. The Pearl 8100 snagged the #9 spot with 1.4%.

When speaking specifically of smartphone traffic, however, RIM came in second in worldwide requests, with 11%, and topped the charts in the US with 32%. It's also worth noting that plenty of smartphone users these days are browsing with full-featured HTML browsers rather than mobile browsers, so some of the  numbers (although not a huge percentage) might be on the low side for smartphones as people viewing the full web on mobile phones could be getting served full html websites with standard ads vs. wap sites featuring the mobile ads AdMob focuses on.

[ via BBCool ]