One of the cool BlackBerry 10 features previewed last month at BlackBerry World was the new "time warp" functionality in the camera app (see video above). The demo received a big round of applause and everybody out there was impressed. 

It didn't take long to figure out that the company Research In Motion was working with to bring this feature to BlackBerry 10 was Scalado, a Sweden-based company that is responsible for a ton of the innovation seen in digital imaging in recent years and owns a lot of the IP and tech in the space.

Today Nokia announced its plans to acquire Scalado, which of course includes their developers, technologies and Intellectual Property. It's a big move and no doubt will not be a "cheap" acqusition. A lot of mobile companies license tech from Scalado. I don't think this announcement will impact the "time warp" camera on BlackBerry 10 -- that's a done deal -- but with Nokia owning Scalado it likely means that moving ahead it will be Nokia and Windows Phone that get the biggest benefit from Scalado's innovation.

We know RIM likes to buy companies: QNX, TAT, Torch, Tiny Hippos, etc. and they've bought up every piece they have needed in patching together the next-generation BlackBerry 10 mobile platform (and I mean that in a good way). I have a pretty strong feeling that RIM would have taken a look at a company like Scalado too once they started working together. Maybe it was just too expensive or RIM. It's pretty interesting that Nokia is announcing an acquisition like this as they lay off 10,000 members of their workforce. Obviously Nokia thinks Scalado will be an imortant part of their strategy. It'll be interesting to watch what comes of all of this.

Source: Windows Phone Central

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