As the title explains - Nokia has confirmed that Instagram will be coming to Lumia devices within weeks. That is great news for Windows Phone users but where does that leave us BlackBerry 10 fans? The answer to that remains to be seen and we are in the dark as to whether Instagram will change their minds and bring us a native application anytime soon. 

Of course, you can side load Instagram for Android onto BlackBerry 10 handsets, but unless you are a keen follower of CrackBerry, the normal consumer won't have a clue how to do it. 

On a personal note I'm pretty disappointed that Instagram has chosen Windows Phone over BlackBerry 10. They clearly have their reasons but I'd like to know what those are.

Looking at the quote below from Instagram's CEO - it doesn't rule out BlackBerry 10 support I suppose, as he clearly states that they want everyone to be able to access the app. Only time will tell with this one - watch this space. 

Kevin Systrom, CEO and co-founder of Instagram had this to say of the announcement

"Our ultimate goal is to bring Instagram to everyone who wants to use it…We're looking forward to watching the Windows Phone community use Instagram to capture and share beautiful moments in the coming weeks."

Source: WPCentral