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With Mobile Nations Fitness Month well underway, and my healthy eating in place, and my motivation at an all time high it was time to grab (against my own word) a nice pair of headphones that would help reduce the background noise to keep me focused. A huge part of my work out routine is my music playlist, and I am extremely particular when it comes to audio quality when listening to the music, but at the same time reducing background noise is equally important. When on the elliptical or on a run the last thing I want to be hearing is noise from my feet hitting the ground or the subtle squeaks of the machine, and the NoiseHush NX26 HD Stereo headphones do an excellent job of just that.

The Review



One of the most important things about a pair of headphones is the comfort level to me personally, no matter how good they may sound if they aren't comfortable they will never be used. Previously I have never been a huge fan of over the ear headphones because I think too much sound is lost, but the NoiseHush headphones have definitely changed my opinion on that.  When initially looking at the headphones you will immediately notice the size, they are a bit on the big size, but for the size they are actually pretty light, and that is a neccessity. 


Each ear piece is has a built in layer of foam that sits between the headphone and your ear which allows for maximum comfort while being used, whether for a short or long period of time. The headphones offer the ability to adjust the height for comfort, so whether you happen to be wearing a hat, have a lot of hair, or need to keep it small the options are all there, and can easily be adjusted.  With the comfort part locked in, it was on to the next and arguably most important part of the testing -- the quality.

Sound Quality


Finding the perfect pair of headphones for all styles of music is nearly impossible, most headphones excel in one area and in turn another area may lack a bit. The "perfect" pair of headphones to me is something that can handle all of my flavors of music without making any of it sound abnormal with too much bass or treble, and I have found a pretty comfortable medium with the NoiseHush NX26's. My own personal tastes in music can vary from hip-hop, to classical rock, to indie so there is a bit of variety here, and depending on your personal tastes your results may vary.

At times I did notice the bass could be a little over powering, but this was only on a few songs, and after checking with a few other pair of headphones it was something I noticed more than once on the same song with different headphones. Beyond the bass I found the trebles in the headphones to be very well balanced, and it felt as though I was there in concert listening to my favorite bands. Without breaking the bank on a studio quality over the top pair of headphones I would say that the NoiseHush headphones do a great job of replicating sounds and bringing a great sound quality to your ears.


Headphone Jack

Another important feature in a set of headphones is the length and durability of the cable that is included, because no one wants a cord that is just a bit to short, or will snap in a week, right? I found that the headphone jack feels very sturdy, though I would probably prefer a slightly angled plug instead of just a straight plug, but that comes down to personal preference. The cable measures out to be 5.7 feet, so there is certainly more than enough cable to keep your phone in your pocket, on the desk or anywhere else you may want to place it and still listen to the music. 


In addition to the long cable, and solid build quality there is also an in-line mic built into the cable which allows you to take a phone call while keeping the headphones on. The mic is acoustically tuned so that it will reduce background noise which is a huge plus for call quality so the people on the other end won't even notice you are on a pair of studio headphones.

If you are looking for a solid pair of headphones that offer great sound quality with amazing comfort the NoiseHush NX26 HD Stereo headphones are a great choice for you. Whether using them for working out, enjoying some tunes at your desk or while traveling, the NoiseHush NX26 HD's are sure to please and help keep your motivated to push a little harder. 

NoiseHush NX26 HD Stereo Headphones
by NoiseHush


  • Combining quality and comfort NoiseHush has done a great job bringing a mid-line headphone to the market without breaking the bank. While not something that will be used daily, the in-line mic performs rather well, and is a great addition.


  • At some points you will notice that the bass can be a bit over the top or the treble is a bit out of line, but as with any headphones it will depend on what your musical preference is.

The Bottom Line

As I said before, if you are looking for a pair of headphones that bring you great overall quality without having to tap into your savings account to grab them you will definitely want to look into the NoiseHush NX26's.

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