If you're after a nice relaxing easy BlackBerry 10 game you've come to the wrong place. Nobody Dies Alone is not for the faint hearted as it's as challenging as any other mobile game I've played.

With four difficulty levels you can make the game even harder if you dare. The normal mode sees you controlling two characters as they run from left to right across platforms. All you need to do is to tap the corresponding part of the display to make them jump over the onslaught of obstacles. Hit one and it's game over I'm afraid.

Step things up to the hard, crazy or insane levels and you'll find yourself controlling three, four and five characters, each on there own platform. I thought I was pretty good at hand to eye coordination. That was until I played Nobody Dies Alone and as you'll see from the video it's super hard.

But a challenge is half the fun don't you think?

You won't find Nobody Dies Alone in BlackBerry World as this one's yet another Android offering. You can however download it for free using Snap or download the APK right here.

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