Ever since I’ve had the chance to review Nobex Radio Companion, I always seem to compare other radio streaming apps to it. More often than not, they have faltered in comparison. Nobex Radio Companion is a fantastic way to not only stream your favourite radio stations from your BlackBerry, but also access information about the artist, as well as their song. Do you find the lyrics are lost on you? Luckily, you can access song lyrics; allowing you to belt out your favourite tunes –much to the delight of your fellow commuters.

Nobex comes in two flavours – free and premium. The free version lets you listen to radio stations from your own Country. The premium version opens up the world for you, by giving you 6000+ radio stations from over 100 Countries, as well as the playlist for 2700+ of those stations. Through Nobex, you can hear song snippets to discover what you like and then purchase those that tickle your fancy. Songs can be purchased via an email link or directly from your BlackBerry. They have recently updated Nobex to version 2.2.9 – trust me, they have done more than slap on a new coat of paint.

With version 2.2.9 you will get:

nobex ui

A refreshed and revamped UI to provide a smoother streaming experience. It sports a sexy purple hue; I wonder if it will go with CrackBerry orange? From the font, to the sleek navigation, users will definitely enjoy the new layout.

nobex online search

Search for specific stations while bypassing the need to search by location or genre with the new online search feature. Forget about spending time looking for the tunes you crave and get right to it.

nobex timer

Sometimes, I’ve forgotten to close Nobex down once I’m finish listening to it- hours layer I could say bye bye to the battery. Nobex is now equipped with a sleep timer. Choose how long you want to listen for; 15 minutes, 30 minutes, or 1 to 2 hours.

nobex facebook

Want to tell your friends and family what you are listening to? Sure, go ahead and email or text. Every. Single. One. Of. Them. You can also post a song or station directly to your Facebook page, enabling you to share the music you love.

This is a much welcomed update to an amazing radio streaming application. As I mentioned before, you can download the free version or you can sign up for the Premium version for only $3.99/month.

More Info

  • For more information, and to download Nobex Radio Companion, you can hit up the CrackBerry App Store. >>