Words with Friends for BlackBerry?

We get asked a lot if there is a Words With Friends for the BlackBerry platform. If you have somehow not heard of it, Words with Friends is a Scrabble like game for iOS and Android that you can play against others online. It's one of the most popular games for both platforms, and BlackBerry owners have thus far been left out of the popular game. However, don't be sad, there are always options and alternatives.

While we don't have Words With Friends for BlackBerry, we do have games that are quite similar, such as WordRival, Lexulous, and Fightin' Words. Aside from aesthetic differences, these games are all quite similar, though each has a few unique features. All three games have options for notifications such as email, vibrate, or pop-up message. You can invite friends to play, or be randomly paired with someone from around the world, and play multiple games simultaneously.
Lexulous for BlackBerry
  • Available to play online, via Facebook, as well as on BlackBerry, iOS, and Nokia smartphones
  • Multi-player games (2-4 players)
  • Solitaire and computer opponents available
  • LexulousLite is free via BlackBerry App World
WordRival for BlackBerry
  • Available to play online as well as on BlackBerry, Android, and Palm smartphones
  • Built in chat so you can message your opponents
  • No single player mode available
  • Available for $3.99 (trial available) for your BlackBerry smartphone
  • Available for $2.99 for the BlackBerry PlayBook (no trial available)
Fightin' Words
Fightin' Words
  • Newest of the three, currently only available on BlackBerry smartphones
  • Awesome and fun UI
  • Future updates will add more options and functions
  • Available for $2.99 in the CrackBerry store and App World

Depending on what features are important to you, I think between the options listed above you are sure to find a suitable replacement for Words with Friends. If you are interested in downloading any of these games, they can be found at the links below. As far as choosing which is right for you, that's something you will have to decide based on both who you want your opponents to be (for example if you have friends on Android that play WordRival) and how you want to play (online vs on your BlackBerry). You can find complete details about each application at the links below.

For more information and to download LexulousLite

For more information and to download WordRival for BlackBerry
For more information and to download WordRival for BlackBerry PlayBook

For more information and to download Fightin' Words from the CB store
For more information and to download Fightin' Words from App World

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