BlackBerry 7 Themes

In a interview with RIM's new VP of Developer Relations, Alec Saunders, Alec provided an update on the status of BlackBerry 7 support in the BlackBerry Theme Studio tools. From CIO:

Another interesting tidbit for BlackBerry developers: Though a compatibility issue with the new "Liquid Graphics" engine in the BlackBerry 7 OS has kept RIM from releasing BlackBerry Theme Studio tools for the latest BlackBerry OS, Saunders says these tools will become available mid-2012, he says. (RIM has an internal theme building tool, which is how the company built the custom "Porsche" theme used on the new, limited edition BlackBerry P'9981 device, but the tool is not available to developers outside of RIM, according to Saunders.)  

So there you have it. If you were thinking the custom theme on the BlackBerry p9981 was a leading indicator that a BB7 Theme Studio release was just around the corner, unfortunately that's not the case.

Mid 2012 sure is a long wait. I feel bad for all the theme developers out there who love creating awesome third party themes. Honestly, by mid-2012 I won't be wanting to theme my BlackBerry 7 Smartphone.... I'll be wanting to theme my BBX SuperPhone!

Source: CIO