With all the new devices coming out, I’ve seen a lot of questions come up about the error message “No additional applications designed for your device were found”. For those of you who install software onto your BlackBerry using the RIM Desktop Manager, you might have seen this message, particularly if you just got a new device. What does it mean?
No Additional Applications Found

This is a rather unfortunate error message, because it doesn’t really give you much in the way of useful information. It really just sorta means, “Something went wrong” when you tried to install an application onto your BlackBerry. But this doesn’t necessarily imply that anything is wrong with the software you are trying to install, or even that the software isn’t compatible with your BlackBerry. It usually means that the Desktop Manager doesn’t know how to talk to the device.

Reasons you might see that message include:

1) You don’t have the .alx and .cod files in the same directory. Desktop installation requires as a minimum, a .cod file and a .alx file. When you use the RIM Desktop Manager Application Manager to install, you specify the .alx file, but the .cod file must be in the same directory as the .alx file. Both files are needed for installation.

2) You need to upgrade your version of the RIM Desktop Manager. You can download the latest version of the Desktop Manager here. I’ve had people tell me that you need to first uninstall the old version before installing the new one, but I haven’t found this necessary.

3) You need to install the proper device software for your model BlackBerry to your PC. Please note, I’m not saying that you need to update your device OS. I’m saying you need to download the software that tells the Desktop Manager how to properly talk to your device. RIM has unfortunately named this software the “Device” software, which implies to me that it is something that should go on the handheld, but it actually is installed to your PC. To see which version of the device software you already have installed, go to the About menu on the Desktop Manager and click the “Device Software” tab.
Device Software

If you don’t see your BlackBerry model in that list, then you need to get the latest device software. You can download it at this site, maintained by RIM. Find your carrier in the list and then select the software for your particular BlackBerry model on the next page.

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