Nitro From Themeberry

This theme has me stoked. I remember when I got my Curve many, many moons ago and one of the first themes I had purchased (Renegade) was from ThemeBerry. Now having retired my Curve, I was wondering if I would ever get a chance to have that theme I purchased on my Bold.

As luck would have it the guys at ThemeBerry reached out to me a few days ago and let me know they were indeed planning on bringing forth some Bold themes for all us new owners out there. This is the first of those. And what a way to start off! Nitro is amazing with its crisp icons and overall sharp look to it (gotta love the Bold's display). The best way I can describe it is "smooth" feeling. The icons of course are user customizable and definitely look right at home on this theme.

Nitro Bottom Zen theme is available for $7 and can be purchased in the Software Store and is also avaible in L and Today/Bottom Zen versions. If you don't have a Bold, be sure to check out the other themes from ThemeBerry (which were all recently updated to make the icons user customizable) as well as their forum thread which tracks all their latet releases.