Nickelodeon brings Avatar the Last Air Bender stickers to BBM

If you're an avid user of BBM Stickers there's a couple stickers that have become available this week. Disney has been busy bringing us plenty of sticker packs. We've even had some sticker packs from DreamWorks and MGM and now Nickelodoen has joined in with the Avatar the Last Airbender sticker pack that includes Aang, Katara and Sokka.

If you fancy something a little more romantic to share with that special someone, there's a Say it with Flowers sticker pack from GoBouquets. A cute way of saying 'I Love You' with stickers. There's something different with this sticker pack too. When viewing a sticker from the pack, there's a link that takes you to the GoBouquets website where you can order flowers to send for real. Nice little option, if you ask me.

The Avatar: Last Air Bender sticker pack will cost you $1.99, while the Say It with Flowers sticker pack is free to download. The Say It with Flowers sticker pack seems to be limited to a certain region but if you know someone who has it get them to send you a sticker so you can then download it. Or you can use the link below. It will open up the browser but should then give you a prompt to open it within BBM. If you're not seeing the Avatar sticker pack you can access it the same way.

Avatar: Last Air Bender BBM Sticker Pack  Say It with Flowers BBM Sticker Pack

There may be other regional BBM Sticker packs circulating. Just have someone send you one of those stickers if you want to own the sticker pack.

Purchase the Avatar: Last Air Bender BBM Sticker pack
Download the Say It with Flowers BBM Sticker pack