NFL Mobile Live for BlackBerryWith the NFL season now under way, I thought the following was very appropriate.

It looks like Sprint has released an NFL application for the Berry that might work on other carriers too. I should note however, that a LOT of people have had trouble getting it to work...The download page has links for the 8130, 8330 and 8830 (all on Sprint). So give it a try, but I will not guarantee that it will work for you.

The app is free, so it's at least worth a shot, especially if you're big into the NFL. It gives you up-to-the-minute live scoring and video. You can even use it to listen to the game live.

To give it a whirl, head over to from your Berry. You can discuss it in the forums here

P.S. Did anyone watch the Bears hand it to the Colts last night? C'mon Payton... what's up buddy!?

[ via BerryReview ]