So you have a brand new BlackBerry with NFC, but you aren't quite sure how to put it to good use? (If you aren't quite sure what NFC is, or if your device has it, you can check out our quick guide on NFC to get the scoop). Down the road we hope to get loads of "real life" functionality with NFC, but for now there isn't much out there. That is with the exception of NFCLauncher, the first BlackBerry app to take advantage of the new NFC capabilities in some BlackBerry 7 devices. NFCLauncher comes from Fonware (makes of ShortCutMe) and gives you the ability to easily launch tasks, apps or custom ShortCutMe macros. Some ideas for using NFCLauncher could be:

  • Touch a tag on the belt to lock BB (regardless of what app is in foreground).
  • Touch a tag on holster/belt to change the profile to Silent or Vibrate.
  • Touch a tag in the car to send an email to partner saying I am on the way home.
  • Touch a tag in the car to toggle (running/not running) app
  • Touch a tag in the car to turn on Bluetooth (for handsfree) and then Call partner.
    Touch a tag on the night stand to toggle bedside mode.
  • Touch a tag on gym locker to change ringer profile, BBM/WLM status, and open workout playlist in native music player.
  • Touch a tag on xbox360/PS3/computer desk to send a message to pre defined friends inviting them to sign in for some online gaming (Call Of Duty, Battlefield, NHL 12, etc)
  • Touch a tag as I'm leaving the office to launch the mobile timekeeping app to enter hours for the day.

All in all a pretty sweet app than can really simplify some tasks if you get creative. Granted, you will need to set yourself up with some NFC tags to get up and running. NFCLauncher is available for $2.99 in the BlackBerry App World.

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