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We have had Near Field Communications (NFC) available on a BlackBerry smartphone since last year when the Bold 9900 was released. Now it comes as standard on most of the devices that run BlackBerry 7 but until now there hasn't really been much call to use it.

Recently we saw a new update to BlackBerry App World and included in the update was the option to share your app list via NFC. The idea here is that two buddies get together and with a simple tap of their phones one can share his/her entire BlackBerry App World app list with the friend.

As you will see in the above video the process is fast and painless. I am pretty sure NFC will become more and more popular as time goes on as more companies implement the feature into our daily lives. The technology seems to have got off to a slow start but it is nice to see RIM realizing its potential and actually giving ‘normal people' a use for it.

With BlackBerry 10 on the horizon I am confident that NFC will be used in many new ways and Thorsten Heins hinted on this recently when he said "BlackBerry 10 will connect users not just to each other, but to the embedded systems that run constantly in the background of everyday life - from parking meters and car computers to credit card machines and ticket counters". NFC must be implemented in there somewhere.

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