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Sprint announced today that their NextMail service is now available across all of their BlackBerry devices. The service allows users to easily send voice messages to up to 50 email or SMS contacts with a few simple clicks. This is extremely useful for businesses or consumers on the go who need a way to send messages quickly without having to fire off an email/SMS while driving or having to wait in a phone queue for a dispatcher.

NextMail allows mobile professionals to instantaneously send a recorded voice message to up to 50 e-mail addresses, or also send the voice message via text message to up to 50 mobile devices and receive a "Listen to" notification. The message can easily be sent with the push of a button (Direct Connect on a Nextel device, or Send on any Sprint or Nextel device). It is a quick and simple way to record, document and share information from the field to office colleagues - no more need for handwritten notes or thumb-typing on small keypads.

In addition, NextMail Professional (previously known as NextMail Locator) enhances the standard service by offering users the ability to include location information and pictures with a NextMail message. For example, first responders, inspectors and others can use this tool to document, validate and share the details involved in an incident, including its GPS location and interactive map, photos and provide their command centers with real-time situational awareness.

The NextMail service is available for $7.50/month per user, and NextMail Professional is available for $19.99/month per user. To learn more, check out the demo via the link below or head to NextMail.com.

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