10-inch BlackBerry PlayBook

Though BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins recently knocked down the PlayBook on the company's priority list, BlackBerry director of product management Mike Al Mefleh at the Dubai BlackBerry User's Forum recently said that we can expect six new BlackBerry devices in 2013, in addition to a new PlayBook. This could very well be the ten-inch model we caught a glimpse of last summer

Though BlackBerry officials were mum on any timeframes, one source at the forum said we would see a BlackBerry 10 update to the existing PlayBook before this new one was released, and another source suggested we could see the device as early as the end of Q2. One developer went so far as to say that they're working on a BlackBerry 10 app optimized for this mythical 10-inch PlayBook.

So, we might be getting mixed signals from BlackBerry officials, making it hard to say for sure what's going to happen one way or the other over the summer, but the possibility of a new PlayBook is certainly tantalizing, especially if it's shipping with BlackBerry 10.

How would you guys envision BB10 running on a tablet? What would have to change?

Kevin has his own ideas, but what about the size --  did the old PlayBook have it right, or do you want something bigger?