BlackBerry Storm Launch Day Line Ups!

Update: Apparently the theory posted below isn't correct. More to follow. In the meantime, crossing it out...

Explanation for the Madness Update: The BG just made a great blog post of his hypothesis of what got muddled up during the launch of the BlackBerry Storm. I've been hearing the same story throughout the day from people on both the Verizon and RIM side of the equation, so though not "official" I'm pretty confident in saying this his story is much more than a hypothesis... it's bang on the money. The real question now is did RIM frak up, or Verizon? I've heard Verizon people blame RIM and RIM peeps put the blame on Verizon's techs not paying attention. I'd sure like to know every detail behind the story...

Essentially, the Verizon Storm was set to launch with an OS higher than The boxes handed out at the Verizon media event on Tuesday in NYC (where all those reviewers picked theirs up) actually have stickers on them that show Yet the devices were actually loaded with the .65 OS. Did you purchase a Storm today? Take a look at the sticker on your box. If you peel it off, you'll see one beneath for Right before the Storm was set to ship en mass, a security glitch was caught in the OS that prompted a hault of shipment. With no time to release a newer, updated OS, the Storm's that made the stores for today's launch were simply a limited number of units that were reprovisioned with an older OS, version Yada, yada, yada.. that explains shortages and the revised December 5th availability date along with the not quite silky smooth OS. Suffice to say, you can expect an OS update to storm into town soon.

Though the potentially really bad news is that we've now heard from a few sources that the December 5th availability date is now being pushed back to as late as the 15th! Hopefully there will be at least limited availability between now and then, but this is getting a bit frustrating to say the least! Verizon... or RIM... or both.. how about some sort of announcement to let everyone know what's going on.

Storm Shipping Schedule:

  • Orders that were placed on 11/21 by 12pm local time will ship no later than 11/25
  • Orders that were placed on 11/21 after 12pm local time through End of day will ship no later than 12/5
  • Orders placed on 11/22 will ship no later than 12/15  

Click on over to BGR for more details or into the Storm Forums. *

If launch day madness is a sign of a phone's success moving forward, then Verizon should be smiling right now. Despite some not so great reviews, Verizon experienced their own equivalent of an AT&T/iPhone launch today, with customers lined up at locations across the country, not enough devices to meet demand, POS servers going down, call centers being swamped and lots of mixed emotions in the air - customers were either happy they got their Storm or were ready to riot. From Fox News:

A saleswoman said the store had about 60 for sale when it opened its doors. Reuters reported they were all gone by 9 a.m. and that police were called to control angry customers who had waited outside in the cold for hours to buy one. About 30 people were waiting in line at lunchtime just to try out a display model.

We even tried just calling into Verizon to get an extra line added to our account and were told "You'll have to call back later, we can't do anything for you. BlackBerry Storm has us tied up."

Verizon Delays

To add fuel to the fire, we've now received several reports from Verizon employees (thanks guys and gals!) who have been told by their regional and district managers that any Storms ordered after 2pm EST won't be delivered before December 5th! Update: it's official now. D'oh!!!

I have a feeling a lot of people are going to be in need of a stiff drink tonight. TGIF!!! 

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