Follow up test from JerryRigEverything confirms KEYone display can stand the test of time

Two months after the date of his first BlackBerry KEYone durability test video, Zack sacrificed a newly-purchased KEYone to see how well it would hold up to his bend test a second time around. In his first test, the KEYone was getting the green light all around until it came to the bend test, where his KEYone unit's display separated from the chassis. Based on this, the KEYone ended up on JerryRigEverything's Shelf of Shame. That's not a good thing, especially for a phone that touts durability as one of its key selling points.

BlackBerry Mobile was quick to respond to customer concerns and confirmed that additional measures would go into place to further strengthen the adhesion of the KEYone's display. They also reaffirmed that if anybody should already own a KEYone and run into an issue where the screen starts to pop out, that they'll replace it.

I highly recommend watching the new video - it highlights just how stuck in the KEYone's display is. Zack couldn't pop it out by bending it, and even blowdrying the glue to heat it up didn't help to ease the display out. In the end, the adhesion was so strong he destroyed the display while trying to remove it.

Based on this extreme durability, Zack has removed the KEYone from his Shelf of Shame and changed it to buy a recommendation - "I can fully recommend it as a phone that will stand the test of time."

Where to Buy the BlackBerry KEYone

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Take the pain out PDFs with Corel PDF Fusion, right now only $20!

Whether you're working together with a large group, or you personally deal with a lot of files on a daily basis, having the right programs to view a wide swath of files can be costly and can waste your time as you switch back and forth.

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What you need is a program that can handle many file types, and one that can convert those other files into PDF format. Right now, CrackBerry Digital Offers has a deal on Corel PDF Fusion, a powerful tool for Windows that solves your problem. Instead of paying $70, you'll instead pay just $20. That's 71% off the regular price.

Corel PDF Fusion can open more than 100 different file types, it can combine multiple files into one document, it lets you annotate documents, and, of course, lets you create new PDFs.

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If you're sick of dealing with PDFs the hard way, why not make your life easier with Corel PDF Fusion? You'll be thanking yourself for years to come, especially since it's a steal of a deal right now at $20.

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BlackBerry and Appdome enable codeless integration of Secure Voice, Video and Messaging

Expanding on their already existing relationship, BlackBerry and Appdome have now announced they have teamed up to enable codeless integration of secure voice, video and messaging capabilities through the use of the BBM Enterprise SDK.

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Learn Spanish (or another new language) for only $49

There are plenty of reasons to start learning a new language. You can learn your family's mother tongue to communicate better with distant relatives, you can learn a new regional language to help you get a government job, or you can even learn a language just for fun. Of course, learning a whole new language isn't easy, it takes a ton of practice and commitment.

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You could go back to school and take some new language courses, but that requires lots of time and money you may not have. What you need is a learning aid that you can go through on your own time and that won't cost an arm and a leg. Right now, CrackBerry Digital Digital Offers has the perfect solution.

Learning a new language has never been easier than with the Rocket Languages Combo Packs: Lifetime Access. With more than 120 lessons spanning over 240 hours of content, Rocket Languages Combo Packs: Lifetime Access will have you speaking Spanish, French, Japanese, Italian, German, or Chinese fluently in no time. Whichever language you're interested in learning, you'll save 83% off the $299.90 regular pricel!

Just take a look at some of the other great benefits of learning a new language with Rocket Languages:

  • Learn on-the-go with audio lessons via iOS and Android apps.
  • Learn how different languages work in English in order to truly understand the foundation.
  • Discover the mechanics of a language and learn thousands of commons words.
  • Reinforce and enhance what you learn with flash card sets.

Plus, CrackBerry Digital Offers is offering you lifetime access, meaning you'll never have to feel rushed or pressure.

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BlackBerry begins rollout of August Android security update

The BlackBerry Security Incident Response Team has now announced they have begun the rollout of the August Android security update for BlackBerry smartphones. Once downloaded and installed, you should see your security patch level change and this time around, it will appear as August 5, 2017, or later.

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Grab the first episode of Disney's new DuckTales series from Google Play for free!

The rebooted DuckTales series from Disney XD premiered this weekend, but if you missed it, you can now go ahead and get yourself caught up. The first double-episode special "Woo-oo" is now available for free on Google Play.

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Take CrackBerry's BlackBerry KEYone Owner Super Survey!

Take CrackBerry's BlackBerry KEYone Owner Survey. We'll be sharing the results with BlackBerry Mobile - this is your chance to participate and have your voice heard!

The time has come for us to post our first BlackBerry KEYone owner survey. As regular visitors to CrackBerry know, our BlackBerry KEYone forum has been filling up with informal owner feedback since the phone first began rolling out to customers months ago. By getting this feedback provided in a more structured survey format, it helps us to get all the information in one place which makes it much easier to analyze - the good, the bad and everything in between.

For BlackBerry KEYone owners, this is your chance to offer feedback on your KEYone experience to date. We'll be sharing the results of the survey with BlackBerry Mobile so they can take the feedback of our CrackBerry community into account as they continue to work on delivering experiences that meet and exceed the expectations of us demanding BlackBerry users. As a heads up, this survey is fairly in-depth and we ask a lot of questions to better understand your usage patterns and some of the most critical aspects of why you made your KEYone purchase and why you choose BlackBerry over other alternatives on the market.

Survey Time: It'll take you 8 to 20 minutes to fill in depending on how detailed you want to get with some of the open feedback questions.

Survey Requirements: Only take the survey if you already own a BlackBerry KEYone (thanks!).

Take the Survey

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BlackBerry KEYone Cases - The best one to buy!

Since getting my hands on the BlackBerry KEYone earlier this year, I've primarily used the phone naked (not me naked, I'm wearing clothes, but the phone is naked... as in without a case on it). I like the feel of the KEYone naked, and it has proven to me time and time again that it can take bumps and drops with ease.

That said, as I've met more and more BlackBerry KEYone owners in person, I've noticed that many are rocking a case on their KEYone. So with that in mind me and the team did some research into the various KEYone cases on the market and ordered a handful to check out and try out ourselves. Be sure to watch the video for a concise look at them. There are plenty of options, depending on what you're after in a case. You really can't go wrong with any of the cases highlighted here - it all depends what you like. Some people like flip cases, other people like skins, and some people need heavy duty cases to protect their phone from their butter fingers.

For myself personally, it's actually been the Incipio NGP Case that has stayed on my KEYone after this not-so-scientific but useful round of case testing was all said and done. Be sure to leave a comment with the case you're using and your thoughts on it. And if we missed any here that are worth checking out, let us know!

Where to buy the cases featured

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Vuzix teams up with BlackBerry to deliver M300 Smart Glasses to Enterprise customers

As BlackBerry continues to expand their BlackBerry Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) software, they've now announced a new partnership with Vuzix that will see Vuzix M300 Smart Glasses working with BlackBerry UEM, enabling IT departments to manage and secure the data accessed and captured.

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Learn How To Invest in Cryptocurrency for only $15!

Cryptocurrencies are decentralized digital currencies which use encryption techniques to regulate and verify the transfer of funds, and they're growing in popularity globally. You've probably heard of the most popular cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, but there are a ton of new cryptocurrencies emerging every year, presenting intriguing opportunities for the savvy investor.

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Don't know where to start? CrackBerry Digital Offers is here to help with the Beginner's Guide to Cryptocurrency Investing. This course features 27 lectures and hours of content that is available to you 24/7, giving you everything you need to know to get into cryptocurrency investing. You'll learn a system for investing in altcoins and learn how to turn the cash in your hand into a valuable digital currency that might end up making you a small fortune!

You'll learn how to spot the best starting point for investing in a cryptocurrency, estimate the true value of the entire market, and compare your own research to the relative position of a currency within its history and against other altcoins.

Typically, this course would be sold for $180, but thanks to CrackBerry Digital Offers you can get it for the low price of only $15! You really have nothing to lose here and everything to gain!

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BlackBerry CEO John Chen discusses hardware partnerships, growth strategy and more!


BlackBerry CEO John Chen headed to Indonesia this week for some meetings and during his time there he spoke with Bloomberg Daybreak: Asia to discuss many topics. Among them, BlackBerry's recent hardware partnerships, growth strategy and markets and how BlackBerry is competing in the Internet and Enterprise of Things market.

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BlackBerry Mobile has something special to announce at IFA according to new teaser

As we know from the lead up to the BlackBerry KEYone, BlackBerry Mobile likes to drop a few teases here and there before they fully unveil something and according to a new teaser put out across their social channels, they'll have something special to announce during IFA in Berlin on September 1-6.

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1000 free copies of SMS To Email Pro available for BlackBerry 10 from Runisoft

If you're looking to back up your SMS and MMS messages on BlackBerry 10, there's no better way than offloading to a secondary location. One app that can accomplish that for you is Runisofts SMS To Email Pro. Using SMS To Email Pro, which allows you to send your SMS and MMS messages automatically to any number of email addresses, and easily back them up or read them from your desktop email client. Right now, until August 31, you can snag a free copy for yourself.

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BlackBerry KEYone limited edition black now available in India!

Right on time. As announced by Optiemus last week at their launch event in New Delhi, the BlackBerry KEYone limited edition black is now available exclusively from Amazon India. BlackBerry customers looking to get their hands on the limited edition black variant of the KEYone can place their order directly through Amazon for Rs. 39,990.00. Additionally, special offers are in place for American Express Card Members and those who sign up with Vodafone will get up to get up to 75GB additional data for 3 months.

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Magnetically mount your phone with this $4 Aukey car mount

Our friends at Thrifter are back again, this time with a killer deal on Aukey's magnetic car mount!

The Aukey Car Mount is currently on sale at Amazon for only $3.87 in gray or $4.05 in black when you enter promo code AUKEYHD8 during checkout. This saves you $5 off this item's average price.

Many car mounts tend to be bulky in one way or another, some can even obstruct your view while driving. Aukey's car mount fits neither of those descriptions and is actually hardly noticeable. About double the size of a quarter, this mount clips into your air vent and doesn't obstruct anything except a bit of air flow.

Instead of holding your phone conventionally, two metal plates are included so you can attach the appropriate one to the back of your phone and then have it magnetically hold to the mount whenever you wish. The mount has a soft rubber padding to ensure that it doesn't scratch your phone.

See at Amazon

More from Thrifter

For more great deals be sure to check out our friends at Thrifter now!

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BlackBerry KEYone arrives in South Africa August 8

As the roll out of the BlackBerry KEYone continues, BlackBerry Mobile has now announced that South Africa is next on the list of availability. Those looking to get their hands on KEYone in South Africa can do so beginning on August 8.

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CrackBerry Podcast: Limited Edition Black

On this episode, we dig into the BlackBerry KEYone limited edition black news, discuss the BlackBerry Aurora, dual-SIM slot uses and more!

With the BlackBerry KEYone limited edition black now announced, we figured we should fire up a podcast to discuss the latest variation of the BlackBerry KEYone and how it falls into BlackBerry's licensing deals. Also on this podcast, we dig into some BlackBerry Aurora and share some thoughts on that device as well. We kept things simple and straight to the point, so settle in for the next 45 minutes and get yourself caught up! We'll get the audio posted as soon as possible for those who prefer to tune in that way instead of video.

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You can now pre-order a special edition gold plated BlackBerry KEYone from Axiom

Sure, the Limited Edition Black KEYone announced for India is cool, but if you're looking for a KEYone that's a little more bespoke, Axiom might have what you're looking for. Right now, the retailer is taking pre-orders for their own special edition gold plated BlackBerry KEYone.

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BlackBerry Productivity Tab update brings back the dedicated Tasks tab!

Sometimes when you make a change in an app it's really good and everyone loves it. Other times, it doesn't work out that way and you have to consider possibly reverting some of the changes. The latter is what happened with the BlackBerry Productivity Tab and the latest update aims to make things right after the Tasks tab was uncermonioulsy moved to the bottom of the calendar view.

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Check out the first videos of the special edition BlackBerry KEYone!

It's limited and special and black and totally HOT!

In case you missed it, a new version of the BlackBerry KEYone has been revealed — but you won't be able to get your hands on it just yet. It's a limited edition all-black version of the KEYone, or as it's officially known, the Limited Edition KEYone Mercury Black Device by BlackBerry made by Optiemus Infracom. As the name would lead you to believe, it's the BlackBerry KEYone only it's totally blacked out — and it looks amazing. But the fun doesn't stop there.

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