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BlackBerry brings their HEVC patents to the Velos Media Licensing Platform

Raise your hand if you knew BlackBerry held patents for High-Efficiency Video Coding. Turns out they do, and as part of their ongoing licensing strategy, they're making them available for license through Velos Media.

BlackBerry CEO John Chen discusses BlackBerry's big pivot with RBC Disruptors

BlackBerry CEO John Chen has been all over the place recently. Attending CES 2019, posting up new blog posts on LinkedIn and most recently, sitting down with RBC Disruptors moderator John Stackhouse to discuss BlackBerry's big pivot. If you weren't able to catch the video earlier or be there live, you can now watch the replay.

BlackBerry — more innovative than ever.

From being the most valuable company on the TSX in 2007, to rapid, unexpected losses and plummeting share prices, BlackBerry has been through it all.

Enter CEO John Chen, who is reinventing the company by pivoting away from the competitive global hardware and handset market, and focusing on the strengths that were always key differentiators for the company — software security and privacy.

BlackBerry now offers enterprise security and privacy services to power the Internet-of-Things, including the automotive industry, healthcare, utility companies and government.

Chen has stabilized the company's financials and shifted its strategy. Now investors are ready for the company's next phase — growth. Join us to find out what's next on BlackBerry's agenda.

You'll have to set aside some time to take in the full conversation, but it's worth it given it seems as though John had some fun with it and was more relaxed with his answers surrounding everything from pivoting to software, security, and privacy, to the power of the BlackBerry brand.

John Chen Likes a Bad Hand: Six Timely Insights from BlackBerry's CEO

BlackBerry Hub Suite beta apps updated with bug fixes and improvements

Back in December, before the holidays, BlackBerry rolled out refreshed versions of the BlackBerry Hub Suite in beta. Since then, things have been understandably quiet, but now with the holidays wrapped up, new builds have started to flow out through the Google Play Store.

Spotify rolling out new 'Car View' mode on Android

Spotify has now started rolling out a new Car View mode for Android, which when connected to Bluetooth in a vehicle, offers simplified controls and views of the app to make everything easier (and hopefully safer) to control.

Not everyone is seeing Car View yet, but over at Android Central, they're seeing it on Pixel devices, and my BlackBerry KEY2 currently has it enabled by default as well. With it enabled by default, it will automatically show when Spotify connects to your vehicles Bluetooth. You can disable it in the settings, or you can disable it until the next time it connects to Bluetooth.

Spotify can already tap into Android Auto and Car Play but if you're working with a car without either of those, built-in Bluetooth only or using a Bluetooth adapter, this is a sweet addition to the app. Have you checked it out yet?

Download Spotify from the Google Play Store

Select Verizon Wireless customers can get Apple Music for free

Save money.

Starting on January 17th, select Verizon Wireless subscribers will get Apple Music for free. The offer is extended to users Beyond Unlimited and Above Unlimited plans. Typically, Apple Music costs $10 per month, but those lucky customers will be getting the service for exactly $0 extra. It'll be bundled in with your plan and won't change or end until your plan does.

It's worth noting that Above Unlimited and Beyond Unlimited plans are some of the network's most expensive. However, if you have a Go Unlimited plan, you're not going to be left out entirely. You can get a six-month trial of Apple Music for free. That's twice as long as the usual free trial.

Apple Music gives you access to 50 million songs with no ads. You can download the tracks to play them offline, listen across all of your devices, and get exclusive and original content. Getting all that for free sounds like a pretty great deal to me.

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Twitter for Android can now show your timeline in chronological order


As it always should have

Back in 2016, Twitter decided to switch to a new algorithm that no one really asked for. The change meant you would often see tweets that were days old or from people you didn't even follow. In December, they allowed iOS users to revert to the traditional chronological order, and now, they have rolled out the same changes to Android.

Netflix raises prices on streaming plans across the board for US customers

Netflix subscribers in the U.S. can expect to pay a little bit more for the service going forward as the company has hiked pricing on their subscription plans across all tiers by 13-18%. Here's what the new plans look like:


Grab the BlackBerry KEYone Black Edition from Best Buy for $300

The BlackBerry KEYone Black Edition hasn't had many discounts since release, but the folks at Best Buy have now added it to their clearance sale and have it reduced to $300 from the regular $500. As a reminder, the BlackBerry KEYone Black Edition comes unlocked with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 processor but adds 4GB of RAM and ups the internal storage to 64GB instead of the base 3GB and 32GB found on the silver KEYone.

Become a social media marketing master for just $29!

Every job posting you see lately has something in common: they want someone who has experience with social media and marketing. Even at your current job, it seems like the people getting noticed and moving ahead are experts in the world of Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter. How are you supposed to climb the ladder or finally nab the job you really want if your only social media experience is the cat video you posted on Facebook last week?

Social media marketing is not as difficult to master as you might think; you just need the right tools and the best teachers to learn it. Fortunately, the folks at Integrity Training has put together a comprehensive, easy to follow program that includes over 28 hours of content spread across 11 courses that will have you certified in social media marketing in no time at all! Everything is accessible through the web and available to you for life so you're able to study on your own time.

Starting today, you can get The Social Media Marketing Master Class Bundle for only $29. That's 97% off the regular price of $969! You'll have lifetime access to the 12 courses which each cover a different social media platform — because marketing on YouTube isn't the same as marketing on Reddit or Twitter and you need to know the most effective strategies for each platform.

In as little as three weeks, you can start your new career path in social media marketing. Learn from home at your own pace with The Social Media Marketing Master Class Bundle for only $29!

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BlackBerry Radar wins Telematics Innovation Award from IoT Breakthrough

BlackBerry Radar is currently being showcased at CES 2019 and while there, BlackBerry has announced that the smart monitoring solution has been awarded "Vehicle Telematics Solution of the Year" from IoT Breakthrough. Highlighting the win for BlackBerry, James Johnson, Managing Director at IoT Breakthrough noted:

BBM Android beta adds Picture in Picture mode, new image editor and simpler navigation

If BBM is still your messaging app of choice and you're down with running their beta releases, a new version has now arrived on the Google Play Store and it goes beyond bug fixes and performance improvements. For this release, there are new features to improve BBM calls, a new image editor and more!

A look inside BlackBerry QNX's CES 2019 booth

For CES 2019, BlackBerry QNX decided to have two vehicles on hand to help highlight BlackBerry QNX technology including the newly announced QNX Platform for Digital Cockpits. The 2019 Karma Revero, shows current and future automotive technology from BlackBerry QNX while the Audi Q8 shows what is currently rolling off the production lines with BlackBerry QNX integration.

Register for the RBC Disruptors: BlackBerry's Big Pivot event

On Wednesday, January 16, 2019, RBC Disruptors is hosting an event that will feature BlackBerry CEO John Chen discussing BlackBerry's big pivot and registration is now open for those who would like to attend in-person in the Toronto area.


Verizon Enterprise and Small Business customers will soon be able to purchase the BlackBerry KEY2 LE

Although the BlackBerry KEY2 LE was previously certified for Verizon under bring your own phone offerings, Verizon will now soon begin to offer the device Verizon Enterprise and Small Business customers officially.

TCL unveils new headphone lineup at CES 2019

During their press conference at CES 2019, TCL unveiled a full lineup of headphones that will start arriving in February through to the summer. The lineup includes wired headphones right down to Bluetooth over-the-ear cans, which have been broken down to four distinct lines: SOCL, MTRO, ACTV, and ELIT.

QNX Platform for Digital Cockpits brings secure Android apps to the in-car experience

As part of their announcements for CES 2019, BlackBerry QNX went ahead and introduced the QNX Platform for Digital Cockpits, which combines QNX Hypervisor for Safety, QNX Platform for Instrument Clusters, QNX CAR Platform for Infotainment to create a secure Android implementation for automakers to offer applications such as Google Maps and Google Play Music.

January update for the BlackBerry Evolve brings improved camera performance

We haven't covered the BlackBerry Evolve updates, mainly because of the limited availability, but unlike previous security updates issued for the device, the January update rolling out now contains more than just the usual security enhancements from Google and are worth noting.

BlackBerry Secure enhancements enable safe and secure IoT devices

Although CES 2019 doesn't officially kick off until January 8, BlackBerry has begun spreading their news and the latest comes by way of service enhancements to their BlackBerry Secure offerings which will enable the electronics industry to build IoT devices consumers can trust.

BlackBerry survey shows consumers don't trust connected devices to keep their data secure

How much trust do you have in connected devices to secure your data and privacy? If you said to yourself 'not much'. You're not alone. According to a new BlackBerry survey conducted in the past 30 days, 80% of respondents in the United States, United Kingdom and Canada do not trust their current Internet-connected devices to secure their data and privacy.


Karma Automotive to showcase BlackBerry's QNX technology at CES 2019

Karma Revero

Karma Automotive will be making their first appearance at the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas and as part of their time there, they will be showcasing how BlackBerry's QNX technology is used in their Revero luxury electric vehicle.