Rogers and Telus release ABV659 software update for the BlackBerry KEY2

While the May Android security update for the BlackBerry KEY2 has been available across variants in the UK, China, and Hong Kong for a week or so, folks who have purchased their KEY2 from Rogers or Telus are now also seeing the update as available for download.

Latest BlackBerry Keyboard app fixes move from beta to official

Over the past few weeks, BlackBerry has sent off several beta builds of the keyboard app with numerous fixes, and improvements added. Now, all of those fixes and improvements have been wrapped up and put into the latest official build being sent out through the Google Play Store.


Forrester's Total Economic Impact study shows BlackBerry Cylance delivers 99% ROI in three years

Organizations looking to implement BlackBerry Cylance's AI security solutions are surely going to be interested in their return on investment and now thanks to a new study from Forrester, commissioned by BlackBerry, there are some hard numbers to refer to. Through their Total Economic Impact study, Forrester found that BlackBerry Cylance delivered a 99% return on investment.

Amazon has the BlackBerry KEY2 in black on sale for $609!

If you prefer your BlackBerry smartphones to come in black and have yet to get your hands on a BlackBerry KEY2, you might want to hit up Amazon where they currently have the unlocked black KEY2 on sale for $609, in stock and ready to ship to you with free delivery tomorrow if you're fast!

Google Calendar and Google Keep dark mode now rolling out

Google has been hard at work building out support for dark mode across apps such as YouTube, Contacts, Messages, and Android as a whole, and finally, that work has extended to the Google Calendar and Google Keep apps according to updates noted on the G Suite blog.


Software update ABV312 now available for the BlackBerry Motion

BlackBerry Motion owners looking to get on the latest software update can now start checking for updates. The newest software update noted as ABV312 has all the Android security patches from May and has now started going out over the air to unlocked and carrier variants.

BlackBerry Keyboard beta update improves punctuation input, Japanese and Hindi languages

The BlackBerry Keyboard app has had several beta releases over the past few weeks, and today, BlackBerry has decided to roll out another one with a handful of improvements and one seemingly odd feature removal.

BlackBerry 'Monet' codename now starting to appear in config files

For those of you looking for any signs of a new BlackBerry being on its way, the first thing to usually pop up is a codename. Sometimes those codenames go nowhere, and sometimes they lead to a new device eventually being released.

A new codename and model number have now started appearing in config files and this time around we're looking at the name 'Monet' with the model number BBJ100 attached to it. Based on the available info, whatever it is, could be coming in multiple variants such as single-SIM and Dual-SIM options but outside of that, nothing seems locked down as of yet.

As always with the codenames and model numbers, it's all open to speculation until some more solid information comes through but for now, let me know in the comments what you think it is or what you hope it might be or swing by the CrackBerry Forums to discuss it some more where there's also talk of a new Verizon device variant.

Discuss more in the CrackBerry Forums

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North American smartphone demand hits five-year low

According to a new report from Canalys, smartphone demand in the North American market has now hit a five-year low dropping from 44.4M shipments in Q1 2018 to 36.4M shipments in Q1 2019 with longer device lifecycles and devices not offering enough differentiation noted as just some of the reasons for the decline in overall shipments.

Telegram 5.6 adds a new design on Android and ability to archive chats!

Telegram has now started to roll out a rather large update for everyone through the Google Play Store. Aside from some solid design changes throughout the app to improve usability, Telegram has also added the ability to archive chats, perform bulk actions, and more!


BlackBerry Keyboard beta update brings language improvements and stability fixes

Following the release of beta updates to BlackBerry Hub+ Services, Calendar, Contacts, Notes, and Tasks, BlackBerry has now released a new BlackBerry Keyboard beta update. As highlighted in the changelog, this release is focused on improving Traditional Chinese, Japanese, Persian, Russian, and Vietnamese languages while adding stability fixes.


Twitter now lets you add videos, photos or GIFs to retweets

Starting today, Twitter is allowing you to add videos, photos or GIFs to retweets across Android, iOS and the Twitter mobile site. Given how many times I've wanted to retweet something with more of a reaction than just plain text, this is certainly welcomed change.

To make use of the feature, all you have to do is hit Retweet and then choose 'Retweet with comment' and then choose your media using the toolbar and you'll be all set to go. Now go forth, and retweet with expression!

Download: Twitter (free)

BlackBerry Cylance VP Tom Pace talks ransomware with 60 Minutes

Ransomware attacks are on the rise and last night, 60 Minutes took a deeper look into it all highlighting several companies and organizations that have been affected by the hacks. As part of the discussion surrounding how ransomware works and what preventative steps can be taken, 60 Minutes spoke with BlackBerry Cylance VP Tom Pace.

Although the above video is just a portion of the full discussion, which you can view in full here, Pace walked CBS' Scott Pelley through just how easy it is to purchase ransomware via the dark web and what it can do to a network and files by having it lockdown and encrypt his own files.

Late last year, BlackBerry introduced their own ransomware recovery feature that allows organizations to quickly limit and contain ransomware attacks through account freezing, rollback features and more!

Beyond data loss, opportunity costs, and reputational risks, downtime resulting from ransomware attacks can inflict real harm on customers in any industry, including healthcare or public safety, where the consequences of any delay can be catastrophic," said Billy Ho, Executive Vice President of Enterprise Products, BlackBerry. "Organizations need to have a strong culture of security to minimize the risk of an attack – something that our Cybersecurity Consulting team has been supporting for the last several years. And in a worst-case scenario, it's critical that organizations also have a layered defense model in place and an enterprise technology stack that is designed with the inevitable breach in mind."

As the report highlights, critical public networks are increasingly being attacked daily costing billions of dollars annually and seeing BlackBerry front and center in the conversation was great to see. If you haven't checked it out yet, be sure to give it a look! You can also check out the BlackBerry Cylance InSecurity Podcast featuring Tom.

BlackBerry Hub+ Services beta update fixes incorrect Twitter icons

If you're part of the beta program for BlackBerry Hub+ Services, there's a small update now ready for you to download and when I say small, I mean it. it's just a quick bug fix release that addresses incorrect Twitter icons showing in the Hub. It's live right now, so go ahead and get it downloaded. Small, but annoying bugs, squashed!

Marvel and Nimbix opposing BlackBerry Jarvis trademark registration

During last year's North American International Automotive Show, BlackBerry CEO John Chen unveiled BlackBerry Jarvis, which serves as their application security testing platform for automakers and other embedded developers. Now, in a somewhat predictable move, Marvel has taken issue with the trademark registration and Nimbix hopped in as well.

We've got new CrackBerry swag — order your tees, hoodies and mugs now!

For years now, we've been giving away CrackBerry t-shirts to our various contest winners, but folks have always asked us for the ability to purchase CrackBerry gear easily. While we've offered limited edition runs of t-shirts, hoodies, and mugs in the past, we've decided to go ahead and launch something more permanent for everyone this time around!

Google adds option to auto-delete your location history and web activity

The amount of data Google collects daily can be huge if you let them. Everything from your location, web searches and app activity is captured through your Google account, and while it all helps provide you with better services from Google and helps Google stay in business, not everyone is comfortable with handing over that data.

To their credit, Google has been slowly revamping the ways users can control their data and today; they announced another step towards that by adding controls to auto-delete users location history and web activity.

Rather than only having the option to delete or pause those settings manually, Google will now allow you to set a time for history and activities to be removed ranging from 3 months to 18 months. Google notes the controls are coming to Location History and Web & App Activity first and will roll out in the coming weeks.

Does Google sell your personal data?


AT&T releases ABU380 software update for the BlackBerry KEYone

Keeping in line with their recent update pattern, AT&T has now gone ahead and released their latest update for BlackBerry KEYone owners who purchased their device directly from AT&T. Although it's not listed on the AT&T software update page yet, this release comes in as ABU380 and notes it contains all the April 5th Android security updates.

Productivity Tab, Power Center, Notable and Device Search are heading to End of Life status

It looks as though BBM is not the only BlackBerry app seeing some changes. A quick look at the BlackBerry software support lifecycle page shows several BlackBerry Android apps are now slated to reach End of Life status on June 30, 2019, including Productivity Tab, Power Center, Notable and Device Search.


BlackBerry KEYone and Motion now receiving ABT975 software update

Although the rollout began around the middle of April to some variants, most unlocked and carrier versions of the BlackBerry KEYone and BlackBerry Motion have now started receiving the April Android security update noted as ABT975 including Bell, Rogers, Telus, and Koodo.