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Bell, Rogers, and Telus release ABP924 for the BlackBerry KEY2 LE

While several variants of the BlackBerry KEY2 LE have already received their ABP924 February security update, Canadian carriers Bell, Rogers, and Telus have now also got in on the action. Rogers initially noted the update for the LE and BlackBerry KEY2 was set for February 19th, but it appears to have started a bit early, so you can go ahead and check for updates as you wish. With that being said, BlackBerry KEY2 owners should also be on the lookout.

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Sprint releases ABP662 update for the BlackBerry KEYone

Although the Sprint BlackBerry KEYone won't be getting Oreo, that hasn't stopped Sprint from pushing out security updates to owners. The latest update, ABP662, has now started to roll out OTA and includes the February security updates from Google.

Prime Minister of Canada announces $40M investment in BlackBerry QNX

Following the earlier rumors from The Globe and Mail, Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, today announced an investment of $40 million in BlackBerry QNX to further develop safe and secure connected and autonomous vehicles.

The race for a top spot in the new economy has already begun, and if we want to see Canadians take the lead, we need to have their backs. That is why our government is investing $40 million in BlackBerry QNX to design and develop a new software platform for the cars of today and tomorrow. This investment will create good, middle class jobs for Canadians, make our cars safer and more secure, and further position Canada as a global hub for innovation. —The Rt. Hon. Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada

Per the announcement, BlackBerry QNX will bring more than 800 new middle-class jobs in Canada over the next ten years, and maintain nearly 300 more. The funding provided will help BlackBerry QNX bring improvements and enhancements to their integration with connected car platforms, automated driver assistance systems, and to help build new automated vehicle concepts and test tracks.

Aside from the $40M investment received, BlackBerry has committed $310.5M for the project and another $5M to cybersecurity to collaborate with government, post-secondary institutions, and private sector firms.

Investment in Automotive Innovation to Make Vehicles Safer and Create Jobs for Canadians

Self-parking, automatic braking, driverless – the vehicles of tomorrow are bound not only to be autonomous, but also connected to one another. That is why the Government of Canada is making bold investments to establish Canada as a global leader in cybersecurity and automotive software for connected and autonomous vehicles.

The Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, today announced an investment of $40 million in BlackBerry QNX, a business unit of BlackBerry Limited, to develop safe and secure software systems for the next generation of connected and autonomous vehicles.

The company will create more than 800 new middle class jobs in Canada over the next ten years, and maintain nearly 300 more. They will also provide new skills development and learning opportunities to help train Canadians for the jobs of tomorrow and keep Canada competitive in today's global economy.

With this funding, BlackBerry QNX will develop new automated control systems, upgrade and secure communications in vehicles, and improve vehicle safety and security by expanding its advanced driver-assistance system. BlackBerry QNX will also develop and use concept cars as labs for technology and software development.

The Government of Canada will continue to invest in new automotive technologies that make our vehicles safer and more secure, and position our country as the place where cars of the future are designed and built.

Quotes from the Government of Canada and BlackBerry

"The race for a top spot in the new economy has already begun, and if we want to see Canadians take the lead, we need to have their backs. That is why our government is investing $40 million in BlackBerry QNX to design and develop a new software platform for the cars of today and tomorrow. This investment will create good, middle class jobs for Canadians, make our cars safer and more secure, and further position Canada as a global hub for innovation."

—The Rt. Hon. Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada

"We are betting on innovation driving our success at home and abroad. Our government is proud to invest in BlackBerry QNX's exciting project and to position Canada as a global leader in automotive innovation. That's how our investments today are creating new middle class jobs of tomorrow."

— The Honourable Navdeep Bains, Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development

"BlackBerry is trusted by automakers and Tier 1s around the world to protect hardware, software, applications, and end-to-end systems from cyberattacks. Thanks to the Canadian government's commitment we're now in an even stronger position to deliver on the demand for BlackBerry's safe and secure QNX software. Together we will spur innovation, create great jobs, educate the workforce of tomorrow, and solidify Canada as a world leader in automotive technology."

— John Chen, Executive Chairman and CEO, BlackBerry

Quick Facts

  • BlackBerry will invest $310.5 million in the project, as well as commit $5 million to cybersecurity to collaborate with government, post-secondary institutions, and private sector firms.
  • The Government of Canada's $40 million investment is made through the Strategic Innovation Fund, a program designed to attract and support high-quality business investments across all sectors of the economy by encouraging research and development that will accelerate technology transfer and the commercialization of innovative products, processes and services, and will facilitate the growth of innovative firms.
  • In 2017, Canada's automotive industry – one of our country's largest export industries – produced 2.2 million vehicles, contributed over $18 billion in GDP, and directly and indirectly employed over 500,000 people in well-paying, middle class jobs.
  • BlackBerry's pedigree in safety, security, and continued innovation has led to its QNX technology being embedded in more than 120 million vehicles on the road today. It is used by the top seven automotive Tier 1s, and by 40+ OEMs including Audi, BMW, Ford, GM, Honda, Hyundai, Jaguar Land Rover, KIA, Maserati, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Toyota, and Volkswagen. The company partners with automotive Tier 1s, like Aptiv, Bosch, Denso, Panasonic and Visteon, and silicon partners, such as Intel, Qualcomm, Nvidia, and Renesas.
  • BlackBerry employs nearly 2,000 people in Canada.

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BlackBerry could see $40M in funding from Canadian Government for connected car technology

Update: Funding has now officially been announced.

According to a new report coming from The Globe and Mail, BlackBerry could be all set to receive $40M in funding from the Canadian Government to help boost BlackBerry QNX's connected car technology.

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BlackBerry Hub, Notes, Tasks, and Contacts beta apps updated!

BlackBerry has been cooking refreshes for all of their BlackBerry Hub Suite apps since December, and now, the latest updates have arrived through the Google Play Store for those participating in the beta program. This time around, BlackBerry Hub, Notes, Tasks, and Contacts have been updated. According to the changelogs, BlackBerry Hub got the most love with several highlights including:

Punkt releases first MP02 software update

If you've taken a walk on the minimalist side like some folks in the CrackBerry Forums have and added the BlackBerry Secured Punkt MP02 to your device collection, you can now download the first update of the MP02's firmware, which helps clean up some quirks in the initial software release. Luckily, Punkt has made it very clear about what has been fixed through their extensive changelog while also noting what still remains problematic.

Rogers update for the BlackBerry KEY2 and KEY2 LE enables WiFi calling

The latest update for the BlackBerry KEY2 and BlackBerry KEY2 LE has started to roll out to North American variants, but if you purchased your device from Rogers, you'll find the Canadian carrier has added WiFi calling to their build in addition to the regular security updates.

BlackBerry Evolve X wireless charger now available from Amazon India

Although we're still waiting for the release of the BlackBerry Evolve X from Optiemus in India, the BlackBerry wireless charger meant for the device has now gone on sale through Amazon India with pricing set at Rs. 3,999.00.

Purchase a BlackBerry KEY2 LE and receive a free Philips Ever Play speaker!

For those of you who live in one of the nearly 30 countries the BlackBerry Mobile EU store caters to, they're currently running a special offer where you get a free Philips Ever Play speaker with the purchase of a BlackBerry KEY2 LE.

Telegram 5.3 adds customization options for chat backgrounds

Telegram has been busy lately building out new additions and improving already existing functions in within their messaging app and the latest build v.5.3 has arrived with all new chat background customization options. Now, you can add blur, motion effects, set custom colors and even share your chat background creations with others.

Software update ABP306 now rolling out to BlackBerry KEYone owners

To go along with the Rogers specific update rolling out today, unlocked BlackBerry KEYone variants have now also started receiving software update ABP306 covering everything from the January security update. In addition to KEYone, Motion owners with North American unlocked variants will also want to keep an eye out for updates, they appear to be next in line.

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Bryan Palma appointed as BlackBerry President and Chief Operating Officer

BlackBerry has now announced they have appointed Bryan Palma as President and Chief Operating Officer. Following nearly 20 years' experience, most recently at Cisco as Senior Vice President and General Manager of customer experience for the Americas, Palma oversee BlackBerry Technology Solutions, Enterprise Software and Services, and Mobility Solutions teams.

Rogers BlackBerry KEYone software update scheduled for January 29

Rogers BlackBerry KEYone software update scheduled for January 29

To go along with Verizon pushing a new build to KEYone owners, Rogers BlackBerry KEYone owners can look forward to their January security update being rolled out on January 29. That's according to Rogers software update schedule, which tends to be on point.

Verizon now rolling out ABO098 update for BlackBerry KEYone owners

KEYone update

Verizon BlackBerry KEYone owners looking for the latest update have now started receiving firmware ABO098 over the air. Once installed, you'll be on the January 5th security update.

BlackBerry 'Adula' codename spotted in DTEK app

It has been a while since a new BlackBerry device codename has appeared, but a new one has now popped up in the latest builds of the DTEK app falling under the codename 'Adula' and carrying the model number BBI100, keeping with the pattern they've been following for years now.


Amazon India reduces pricing on the BlackBerry Evolve

Since its release, the Amazon India Exclusive BlackBerry Evolve hasn't seen many price drops but if you've been waiting to pick one up on sale instead of paying the regular RS 29,900.00, now might be a good time to do so. Currently, Amazon, through their third-party retailers have reduced the pricing on the Evolve in India to RS 19,900.00.

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Telegram 5.2 adds group permissions, undo delete, and more

The last big update to Telegram came with 5.0 but the latest version rolling out through the Google Play store sits at v5.2 and brings along with it plenty of improvements to sorting contacts, finer group settings, as well as the ability to undo deleted chat history easily.