Amazon and Best Buy have the BlackBerry KEY2 LE on sale for $320

Looks like Best Buy changed the pricing to $360 shortly after publishing this. Amazon, however, still has it available for $320.

If you were hoping to get a BlackBerry KEY2 LE under the tree this year, but it just didn't work out for you, you can still catch some savings by picking one up now. Amazon and Best Buy have the KEY2 LE in slate on sale for $320, which is $130 off the regular price.

Koodo offering $100 bonus gift with BlackBerry KEY2 LE purchase

For Canadians looking to pick up a BlackBerry KEY2 LE in slate, Koodo has a pretty fantastic online only deal running right now for new activations on their Tab Medium plans.


John Chen discusses latest earnings and what's ahead for BlackBerry in 2019

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Following the annuncement of their 2019 third-quarter results, BlackBerry CEO John Chen caught up with Amber Kanwar for a little bit of a Q&A session surrounding the results and to discuss what's coming up in 2019 for BlackBerry. In the results, BlackBerry reaffirmed their 2019 highlighting revenue growth, profitability and positive cash flow.

BlackBerry reports fiscal year 2019 Q3 results

BlackBerry today announced their fiscal year 2019 third-quarter results highlighting Non-GAAP total software and services revenue of $228 million with GAAP revenue of $226 million. Total non-GAAP software and services revenue of $219 million, up 10% year-over-year.

Firefox Focus for Android adds support for safe browsing, improves tracking protection

For those of you using a BlackBerry smartphone with Firefox Focus preloaded or just using it as your preferred browser, a new update with some notable improvements such as support for safe browsing and better tracking protection has now arrived on the Google Play Store.


BlackBerry KEY2 update ABM374 now available in North America

BlackBerry KEY2

Following the release to some EU variants of the BlackBerry KEY2, the December security update has now been released as ABM374 and has started arriving on North American KEY2 variants. The update is small, so go ahead and check to see if it's there waiting for you!

Google Assistant can now show you predicted flight delays

When it comes to travel plans, I've found myself increasingly turning to Google solutions to make things easier, especially the combination of Google Flights, Google Trips, and Google Assitant. As travel ramps up for the holidays, Google has added a new feature to Assistant which can predict flight delays with 85% confidence, making me even more likely to turn to their offerings.


Google Play has some of the top holiday movies discounted right now

Google Play Movies

While the debate over whether or not Die Hard is a Christmas movie or not will rage on forever, the deals on some of the top holiday movies that Google is offering right now might not. Everything from Elf to A Christmas Story to Krampus are on sale right now starting at $5.

BBM adds new unique group invite links and interactive feeds


The last few updates to BBM have focused on adding new features while improving the layout overall, and the latest update appearing now on the Google Play Store continues that. For this update, BBM has made it easier to add to groups, search for open files, and improved video calls.

Check out the video from the BlackBerry Mobile Paris Soirée 2018!

Back on November 29th, BlackBerry Mobile hosted an exclusive celebration of creatives and the latest BlackBerry smartphones in Paris. The event was packed with plenty of food, drinks, entertainment and BlackBerry fans. Everyone got to go hands-on with devices and have a great time doing so!

BlackBerry rolls out Hub, Contacts and Calendar design refreshes in beta!

Seems not that long ago I was asking if the BlackBerry app suite needed a design refresh given the apps have primarily looked the same since their initial release. Apparently, someone at BlackBerry felt the same way and has now pushed new builds for Hub, Contacts, Calendar, Tasks, and Notes in beta which overhauls the design in a big way that makes them look and feel fresher.

Purchase a BlackBerry KEY2 LE from the BlackBerry Mobile EU store and get a free KEY2 LE flip case!

If you're planning on picking up a BlackBerry KEY2 LE from the BlackBerry Mobile EU store, now is a great time to do so as you'll be able to take advantage of the bonus offer they have in place. Right now, with the purchase of a KEY2 LE, you'll be able to score a KEY2 LE flip case to go along with your new device, which is valued at €49.99 / £36.99 if it were not free.

Watch the replay of John Chen's fireside chat from the Toronto Global Forum

As I noted in an earlier post, BlackBerry CEO John Chen took part in a fireside chat hosted by Amanda Lang at the Toronto Global Forum to discuss discussing data, privacy, and governance in the era of big tech. At the time I made my earlier post, I wasn't sure if that video would be shared, but luckily, the folks at BlackBerry have now uploaded it to their YouTube channel.

John Chen discusses privacy, security and 5G networks at Toronto Global Forum

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In addition to announcing their Security Credential Management System today, BlackBerry CEO John Chen took part in a fireside chat at the Toronto Global Forum to discuss data, privacy, and governance in the era of big tech.

In a follow-up video, Bloomberg's Amanda Lang laid out some additional questions for Chen surrounding how consumers and Governments feel about security, how BlackBerry can help secure 5G networks, and addressing concerns with working with China.

As expected, a large portion of the fireside chat focused on how BlackBerry handles security and privacy compared to other organizations out Chen noting BlackBerry doesn't use the data. "Everything we do, from encrypting your messages to delivering it, storing it, we never use your data, unlike a lot of different companies that unfortunately had a lot of higher market caps."

BlackBerry KEY2 LE now available in South Africa

The BlackBerry KEY2 LE continues to be rolled out around the world and the latest announcement brings it to South Africa. Starting today, the KEY2 LE in slate is available from Vodacom World and Vodacom Shops starting at R429 PM x 24 on a Smart XS+ package.

BlackBerry KEY2 update ABK892 now rolling out in North America

For those of you with an unlocked BlackBerry KEY2 in North America, you'll want to start checking for updates. All non-carrier variants have started receiving update ABK892 (Bell and Telus already have it), which brings along with it the November security updates and according to the forums, a few other fixes. If you haven't got the notification, here's how to get your KEY2 updated!

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Keep tabs on Saint Nick with Google's updated Santa Tracker app

Google's updated Santa Tracker app

We're already rolling on through December and that means Christmas is right around the corner. To help some spread cheer, Google has now updated their Santa Tracker app adding new features, games, videos and educational content.


Atomic BlackBerry KEY2 LE now available to order from Best Buy

Atomic BlackBerry KEY2 LE

To go along with the release of the BlackBerry KEY2 LE in champagne, Best Buy has now also listed the KEY2 LE in atomic red as available. Just like the champagne variant, Best Buy has the atomic listed at USD $499.99, and you can have it in your hands as soon as tomorrow.

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