Telus Mobility Announces BlackBerry 8830 World Edition

Telus BlackBerry 8830According to our friends at BlackBerrySync, it looks like Telus Mobility is starting to spread word that the BlackBerry 8830 will "officially" soon be available on the Telus network in Canada in the next few months.

An official press release should be made by Telus any hour now, but the early reports state the phone will be available for $499 on a 3 year contract. Fitness Challenge - Get Fit, Raise Money for Charity, and Spread the word!

The Crack Team in a Duathlon In my ongoing quest to maintain a healthy balance between CrackBerry addiction and other parts of my life, I have named 2007 to be my Year of Fitness. So far I have been doing pretty well - in the cold winter months I managed to exercise regularly at the gym and 98.6% of the time have even been able to pass up the Golden Arches in favor of healthy homecooked eats.

But now that spring is sprung and summer is nearly here I figure it's time for me to kick it up a notch and get outdoors and enjoy mother nature as much as possible.

And it seems my 2007 Summer of Fitness is off to a good start - I took my first outdoor jog this past Sunday by entering into the Winnipeg Iron Cops Half Marathon relay. Along with another blackberry-using friend, we each ran 6.5 miles (half of a half marathon). In addition to raising money for the Canadian Cancer Society, we also managed to raise some awareness by finishing 2nd place! Check out the Results - notice the team named!?! The crowd loved our team name and our 2nd place award was presented by the city's police chief, who was very interested (a little too interested maybe?!) to learn what was all about.

Spreading the word, being healthy, and raising money for Charity - it seems like a no brainer to me.

Which means it's time for a FITNESS CHALLENGE.

Are you entering any fundraising fitness events in the next few months? Can you enter under a team name?

If so, I challenge you to enter your team name as "". Let's show the world that BlackBerry Addicts not only love their devices, but love helping others out as well.

I've started a new CrackBerry FITNESS CHALLENGE thread in the CrackBerry Forums. Go there for more details on the challenge and use it to take up the challenge and keep us posted on the results. Can you fundraise for your event online? Get the link up on this thread and the CrackBerry community will help you out! Finish in the top 3 in your event? I will definitely be sending you some BlackBerry goodies to celebrate!

Get Fit, Help Out, Spread the name. Are you up for the Challenge?

Mercedes and BlackBerry: The Perfect Combo

blackberry mercedes

This was actually released last month but we just came across it. Not living in Deutschland and all. doesn’t condone driving and using your BlackBerry, but this solution may allow for safer and more effective use of the device in a vehicle. Luxury auto-maker Mercedes-Benz is extending its range of communication accessories to include a “Bluetooth telephony solution. The innovative telephone module allows you to use your BlackBerry in a Mercedes-Benz without physically connecting it to the vehicle. The modular solution is specially designed for in-car telecommunication and is also suitable for a select range of mobile phones which support the Bluetooth Hands Free Profile (HFP).

The module with HFP software complements the factory-fitted solutions currently offered and is available for virtually every Mercedes model series. The module is compatable with 8700g, 8700v and 8707v models of BlackBerry,

The new accessory makes using the phone while in the car even safer and more convenient. The biggest advantage is that the handheld or mobile phone can be left in your jacket pocket or handbag. The wireless Bluetooth connection between the device and the vehicle is established automatically. The module features a single button, which is used to activate the pairing process, where the mobile phone or BlackBerry is connected to the module for the first time. Once pairing has taken place, connection is always automatic.

Integration on board also allows safe, intuitive control of the telephone functions via the multifunction steering wheel, the audio system and the central instrument cluster display. Currently the accessory is available in Europe for a cool EUR 250.00.

No word on a North American release date. American auto partner Chrysler is offering a Bluetooth option on some of its models so Mercedes might want to look at potential coverage problems before launching the HFP in the US.

bluetooth blackberry

Pimp My Berry Winner Announcement

Pimp My Berry WinnerMay 1st is here and members of know what that means... it's time to announce the winner of the Pimp My Berry early bird draw for the Confess Your BlackBerry Addiction and WIN Giveaway (now that's a mouthful).

And the winner of $500USD to spend in the Store is..........


Member rwmutton will be contacted by yours truly to hook up the shopping spree in the Store

And for those who didn't win, there is still hope! On June 1st the Confess your BlackBerry Addiction and Win Giveaway will come to a close with our grand prize draw for $2,000 (to put towards either BlackBerry merchandise or a CrackBerry Rehab vacation from your BlackBerry).

To enter, all you have to do is be a registered member of Not yet a member? Click Here Now!  

Congrats rwmutton! Be sure to Spend it All in One Place!

Who Needs A Satellite?

navison blackberry One of the knocks on BlackBerry Global Positioning Systems (GPS) is the need to have a special GPS receiver attached to your Berry. If this is something you are using all the time, then it’s no problem. But if it is something you might use occasionally, finding your blue tooth or GPS puck and loading everything up is a bit of a pain.

But, fear not, there is an alternative.

Mexens Technologies has just released their Navizon Virtual-GPS system, which uses clever cellular triangulation mapping to locate your position. GPS use satellites to assertain where you are. The Navison system measures your position by locating various predetermined cell phone towers and, by recording the various signal strengths, can estimate your position pretty accurately. The great advantage of this is that you don’t need a GPS receiver.

The application comes bundled with navigation-friendly MGMaps, a Java application which overlays the maps onto Navizon’s positioning data. The application also comes with points-of-interest, buddy tracking and direction services.

Navizon is available for download: simply go here from your wireless device. Navizon's Virtual GPS is available for a 15-day evaluation period and can be licensed for $24.99 after the trial's expiration.

Idokorro Wins Grand Prize at BlackBerry Developer Challenge

Idokorro’s Citrix Presentation Server Client for BlackBerry Wins Grand Prize in BlackBerry Developer Challenge

Idokorro Citrix Presentation Server Client for BlackBerry Wins Grand Prize in BlackBerry Developer Challenge

April 24, 2007 - OTTAWA – Idokorro Mobile Inc., the industry leader in providing solutions for mobile access, is proud to announce that their new application, the Citrix Presentation Server™ Client for BlackBerry®, has won the Grand Prize in the BlackBerry Developer Challenge competition sponsored by AT&T. Idokorro’s solution gives BlackBerry and Citrix users the ability to access and use any Citrix-published Windows application on their BlackBerry devices, including the Microsoft Office Suite, SAP, PeopleSoft, Crystal Reports and the Desktop—even view the graphical windows and control the mouse and keyboard.

Citrix Presentation Server™ Client for BlackBerry brings the power of application virtualization to the BlackBerry platform, giving mobile employees a secure and reliable way to access important corporate resources, and providing an opportunity for significant productivity and efficiency gains.

“Delivering real value—and a competitive edge—to our customers in the form of secure, reliable and cost-saving applications is Idokorro’s primary goal. Receiving this kind of recognition for our most recent innovation from companies like RIM is another confirmation that we are reaching that goal.” says Rob Woodbridge, President and CEO of Idokorro Mobile Inc.

“This significant achievement for Idokorro's BlackBerry Client for Citrix Presentation Server is the result of their continuous efforts to provide reliable mobile application solutions with demonstrable productivity benefits and quickly-realized ROI," says Chris Fleck, Citrix Vice President of Strategic Alliances. “By extending Citrix Application Delivery Infrastructure platform to include color BlackBerry devices, the Idokorro solution clearly adds value by enabling customers to access their Citrix based applications from BlackBerry simply, securely, and without application rewrites.”

“By providing mobile access to Windows applications published on the Citrix Presentation Server, Idokorro’s software can significantly increase mobile productivity and flexibility,” said Jeff McDowell, Vice President, Global Alliances, Research In Motion. “The BlackBerry Developer Challenge examined applications on a range of criteria from business merits to innovation to quality and we are very pleased to recognize Idokorro’s achievements with this award.”

Idokorro’s Citrix Presentation Server™ Client for BlackBerry was selected as the best new enterprise application of 2007 by a panel of industry experts, based on its merits of usability, innovation, quality and marketability. Applications that made it to the final round of the BlackBerry Developer Challenge were additionally judged on overall performance, code quality, and the strength of their business case. Winning the Grand Prize confirms Citrix Presentation Server™ Client for BlackBerry as one of the top software innovations of 2007. Idokorro will be showcasing the Mobile Citrix Client and the rest of its award winning products at the Wireless Enterprise Symposium in Orlando, May 8-10, 2007 at booth #229.

Citrix Presentation Server™ Client for BlackBerry is part of the Idokorro suite of applications for wireless handhelds that give users secure access to networks, servers, desktops and other devices, allowing most computing tasks to be performed from almost anywhere. The Idokorro suite currently consists of Mobile Admin, Mobile SSH, Mobile Desktop and Mobile File Manager. Mobile Admin allows IT administrators to use their wireless handheld to manage network servers including Microsoft Windows, Active Directory, Exchange, SQL; Lotus Domino; Oracle; Citrix Presentation Servers; BlackBerry® Enterprise Servers and much more. Mobile SSH supports full VT100, 5250 and 3270 terminal emulation so users can access and manage a wide range of network devices including Unix, Linux, Novell Netware, AS/400 servers, IBM mainframes, routers and switches. Mobile Desktop is a Remote Desktop and VNC client that lets users access computers from their wireless handheld, even view the desktop and control the mouse and keyboard. Mobile File Manager, designed for BlackBerry devices, is a professional file manager for remote and local files and supports Windows File Sharing, WebDAV, FTP and SFTP connections.
Idokorro’s Citrix Presentation Server™ Client for BlackBerry and all other Idokorro products are available for 30-day fully functional free trials from the Idokorro website:

About Idokorro Mobile, Inc.
Idokorro was founded in 2001 and is now the leader in providing mobile access solutions. Idokorro's products allow users to monitor, maintain, and manage their networks, computers, and other network devices from practically anywhere — streamlining operations, decreasing costly network down-time, and accelerating service responses. The company is self-financed and serves a global customer base of over 3000 corporations. For more information, please visit, or call 1.613.789.1818.

The BlackBerry and RIM families of related marks, images and symbols are the exclusive properties and trademarks of Research In Motion Limited. RIM assumes no liability and makes no representation, warranty or guarantee in relation to third party products or services.

New Image Technology For BlackBerry

new blackberry technologyA new BlackBerry patent application would enable the merging of several images from a website and display these images within one merged image file.

The application was filed by RIM last week and was discovered by Russell Shaw at ZDNet.

The technology is being called "image-stitching" For BlackBerry user, this technology would mean easier display of multiple images in one view, as well as quicker image rendering due to the fact that the merged image file would be smaller than multiple images displayed as individual files.

According to the patent, “a plurality of image files are selected from the content that can be combined together to form a single image file that will have a smaller file size than the sum of the file sizes of the selected image files. The selected image files are combined into a single merged image file. The computer instructions are amended to accommodate the merged image file."

For more information on the actual process involved read the full article here

New BlackBerry Internet Service Released

blackberry internet service

The Boy Genius Report is reporting that BlackBerry Internet Service 2.3 is being launched today for AT&T customers.

The new BlackBerry Internet Service update has added a lot of attachment enhancements and support, which should make life easier for non-BES users. You can now open .mp3, and .wav files, attach and send up to a 3MB file in an e-mail directly from your BlackBerry, while having access to Delivery and Read notifications. BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS) is an easy-to-use wireless email solution included with the purchase of BlackBerry Personal data rate plans.

BIS offers direct wireless access to work and personal Internet email accounts such as Earthlink, Comcast, Yahoo! and virtually any other POP3 or IMAP account. With Blackberry Internet Service, customers get an easy-to-use and reliable wireless e-mail solution to send/receive/forward/reply to messages. Customers can wirelessly manage multiple email accounts on the go. According to RIM “many customers will find it much easier to check their desktop email from their BlackBerry vs. a computer as there is no log in process and they can sit anywhere to do it.”

The Boy Genius provides a full rundown of the enhanced features including: added support for Yahoo Mail and G-mail; delivery and read receipts, auto-forwarding; slideshow features; attachment uploading, voice attachment playback; wireless meeting requests; and expanded language support.

Vanessas Corner; BlackBerry Addiction and the Media

BlackBerry AddictionNot sure exactly why but the media love to show us how people are addicted to their BlackBerrys. I am not saying this is not a real issue. Indeed many users should start thinking about seeing a therapist when they find themselves having to check their BlackBerry for new email every 2 minutes or so. It’s just that the media seems to love to portray BlackBerry users in a bad light. When a BlackBerry story makes it to CNN, it is either a massive outage or another company suing RIM for patent infringement. Or yet another addiction story. But don’t be ashamed, go ahead, watch this video of the poor addicted BlackBerry user.

 ## This Article Was Originally Published by on April 30th, 2007

A CrackBerry President in 2008?

barack obama blackberry The Associated Press today released an interesting article today on the US presidential hopefuls and it is quite amazing how many times the name BlackBerry showed up.

The article presents the personal side of both Democrat and Republic candidates asking the dozen or so contenders about their pets, what they would have wanted to do in alternate careers and their pet peeves.

While Democrats John Edwards, Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden said their iPods were their favorite devices, Barack Obama and Bill Richardson owned up to their BlackBerry addictions.

Obama, the Senator from Illinois and a front-runner for the Democratic nomination when asked to name his favorite device answered “It would have to be my BlackBerry.” When asked about his least favourite, Obama quipped “That would be my BlackBerry too.”

New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson, a potential dark horse in the race, actually referred to his favourite personal e-mail device as his “CrackBerry.”

The world could be in with a shout of getting its first CrackBerry addicted President. I am assuming that George W “the Internets” Bush has still to figure out just what Dick Cheney and Karl Rove are looking at when he is talking.

Jimmy's Kitchen: The CrackBerry Cordial

Enjoy a 'CrackBerry' Cordial!Now that summertime is upon us, I thought it might be nice to post a refreshing drink recipe on our site for all to enjoy! This drink is sure to delight all BlackBerry users (& abusers).

'CrackBerry' Cordial


  • 2 cups crushed blackberries
  • 3 cups brandy
  • One and one-half cups of honey or sugar syrup (1 cup sugar boiled with 1/2 cup water - discard extra)

Combine the blackberries with 2 cups of the brandy and steep for 1 week. Strain through a jelly bag. Add the remaining brandy and sweetener and bottle. Age for as long as you can... at least one month.

The drink is worth the wait...

A Big THANK YOU to Emeril for this recipe. 

WES 2007 Lands Gladwell As Speaker

malcolm gladwellResearch In Motion are really hyping their Wireless Enterprise Symposium to be held May 8 to 10 in Orlando Florida.

The symposium is the sixth WES that RIM has presented and is an opportunity for administrators, IT architects and professionals to see the latest in technical innovations, learn about the future of wireless technologies and interact with the largest gathering of BlackBerry partners.

As Jim Balsillie explains in their slick e-brochure, the meeting is an excellent opportunity for “people to unlock the possibilities of wireless data.”

A highlight of the symposium will be a keynote presentation by Malcolm Gladwell (right), the author of “Blink” and “The Tipping Point.”

There will also be “tracks” which will appeal to different segments of the industry. The four tracks are:

Mobile Strategies and Opportunities

Ideal for IT administrators and architects, developers and executives, this track looks at the potential of wireless technologies across various vertical markets, businesses and uses. Top industry thinkers discuss how to influence change in organizations, set priorities and plan the lifecycle of a wireless deployment.

New Frontiers for Mobile and Wireless

This track is ideal for IT administrators and executives who are interested in sharpening their understanding of emerging developments and how to harness future technologies.

Wireless Architectures

This track will help IT administrators meet business objectives and manage the rollout, growth and maintenance of the BlackBerry Enterprise Solution in their organizations.

Application Development and Integration

This track will teach developers how existing tools such as BlackBerry MDS Studio and Java frameworks can save time and effort by focusing on methods, practices, technology and tools that support wireless application development.

Pimp My Berry! Win a $500 Shopping Spree in the Store this Tuesday, May 1st!

Pimp My Berry!May 1st is approaching, and that means we will be drawing another early bird winner for the Confess your BlackBerry Addiction and WIN Giveaway .

The May 1st Draw is called "Pimp My Berry!" and the prize is a $500 shopping spree in the Store. You pick out the accessories and software you want, and the Crack Team picks up the tab. How sweet is that?

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You have until midnight April 30th to get registered to win!  The Winner will be announced during the day on May 1st. Good Luck!

BlackBerry 8800 Themes now Available!

iBerry Black 8800 Theme BlackBerry 8800 Themes are now available in the CrackBerry Store!

BBTC's popular iBerry theme is available in Black, Blue, and Clownfish designs.

If you haven't yet seen's review of the iBerry 8700 Theme, you will want to check that out. The 8800 Theme has all the same goodness.

More 8800 themes from BBTC are on the way, and in addition to themes we have a whole range of wallpapers and ringtone packs available in the CrackBerry store. Click here to check them out!

MySpaceIM Now Available For The BlackBerry

MySpaceIM Available on the BlackBerryThe instant messaging feature of MySpace, known as 'MySpaceIM' is now available on the BlackBerry.

I'm not a huge MySpace fan, never got into it... But I would think this software on the BlackBerry would be GREAT for keeping in touch with your MySpace friends without having to be stuck in front of a computer.

For more on MySpace IM For the BlackBerry and other Smartphones, click here.

Bell Announces 8830 Availability in Canada

BlackBerry 8830 from BellAfter the Sprint/Verizon announcement yesterday telling us they will carry the 8830, Bell came through today with their announcement. Better late than never I suppose!

The 8830 'World Edition' is the first BlackBerry to utilize CDMA connectivity in Canada and the US. It also offers international voice and data roaming on GSM/GPRS networks.

For all of you CrackBerry junkies in Canada this is good news for many of you. You'll soon be able to take advantage of the features within the 8830.

For the official press release from Bell, click here.

Mother's Day Gift Ideas for the BlackBerry Mom - part 1 - Pink Cases!

With Mother's Day JUST around corner (for those who have forgot it's coming up on Sunday, May 13th), it is time to start thinking Gifts for Mom. While the beauty of flowers as a gift cannot be disputed for the "typical" mom, I'd argue a blackberry use'n and abuse'n mother would MUCH prefer something for her blackberry that's PINK.

The good news for those thinking about buying a pink blackberry accessory for mom is that there is no shortage out there. The bad news? You may have a tough decision ahead of you to just pick out one item (so buy many items and let her rotate them!).

For part one of Mother's Day Gift Ideas for the BlackBerry Mom we'll start with 5 PINK Cases:

Naztech Boa H5 in Pink Name: Naztech Boa H5
Description: The Naztech Boa case for the blackberry combines beauty that mom is going to love with functionality by utilizing superior materials and workmanship.
Compatible Devices: BlackBerry 7100g, BlackBerry 7100i, BlackBerry 7100r, BlackBerry 7100t, BlackBerry 7105t, BlackBerry 7130c, BlackBerry 7130
Big Photo: Click Here
Cost: $24.95

Click Here for More Details and to Buy Now...

Naztech Sport Pouch in Pink Name: Naztech Sport Pouch Case
Description: Whether mom is skiing the slopes, riding the trail, running at the gym, or jogging down to the coffee shop, the Naztech Sport line will provide her with maximum protection for her blackberry.
Compatible Devices: BlackBerry 7100g, BlackBerry 7100i, BlackBerry 7100r, BlackBerry 7100t, BlackBerry 7105t, BlackBerry 7130c, BlackBerry 7130e, BlackBerry Pearl 8100
Big Photo: Click Here
Cost: $34.95

Click Here for More Details and to Buy Now...

BlackBerry Pearl Skin Pink Name: BlackBerry Pearl 8100 Skin
Description: The rubberized exterior guarantees mom a sure grip, protecting all corners of her Pearl against bumps and scratches. It will also help prevent mom's berry from sliding across her car's dashboard or other slick or angled surfaces. And it's PINK!
Compatible Devices: BlackBerry Pearl 8100
Cost: $9.95

Click Here for More Details and to Buy Now...

BlackBerry Leather Pouch Pink Name: BlackBerry Leather Pouch
Description: If your mom is the practical type, this handy and well-designed case will keep her berry protected at all times. It guards against slips, scratches, and wear and tear, so she can pop it in her briefcase or pocket without thinking twice.
Compatible Devices: BlackBerry 7210, BlackBerry 7230, BlackBerry 7250, BlackBerry 7270, BlackBerry 7280, BlackBerry 7290
Cost: $19.95

Click Here for More Details and to Buy Now...

Naztech Caimen 5A in Pink Name: Naztech Caimen 5A
Description: The exact crocodile pattern has been etched on premium quality skins resulting in a surface that requires an expert to tell the difference between the genuine crocodile skin leather and the faux crocodile leather. Feel free to tell your mom it cost 5x more than you paid - she'll never know and we won't tell!
Compatible Devices: BlackBerry 7130c, BlackBerry 7130e
Cost: $34.95

Click Here for More Details and to Buy Now...

Is your Mom sporting an 8700? Check out the Mobi Products Crystal Case in Pink!

Does your mom Destroy BlackBerries? She might need an Otterbox - check out our review!

Stay Tuned for more Mother's Day Gift Ideas for the BlackBerry Mom. Next up - Pink Headsets!

BlackBerry 8830 World Edition coming to Sprint

Our friends at Sprint have set up a website for the BlackBerry 8830 World Edition to let us know it will be available in July. Such a tease!

BlackBerry Sprint 8830 World Edition

Talk about the 8830 Sprint site in the CrackBerry forums!

Verizon/BlackBerry 8830 World Edition

Following yesterday's RIM/Verizon announcement of the BlackBerry 8830 World Edition, we're pleased to show you an image of this sweet-looking device. I can't wait to get my hands on one!

BlackBerry 8830 World Edition

Talk about the 8830 in the CrackBerry Forums

Are CrackBerry Users "Insatiable Data Tokers?"

crack addictsInteraction with a device delivering data gives people a feeling of validation, inclusion and desirability. Feeling like the only person who isn’t getting e-mailed, buzzed, phoned and pinged can be a lonely feeling.

At least that is the theory in an article in last Sunday’s New York Times. We CrackBerry addicts know all about those Pavlovian responses to pings and vibrations. But the NYT article delves into the psychological underpinnings of our addictions to communication devices.

The article quote experts who study computer use and say the stated yearning to stay abreast of things may mask more visceral and powerful needs. Some of those experts theorize that constant use becomes ritualistic physical behavior, closely resembling addiction.

The brilliantly titled piece “It Don’t Mean a Thing If You Ain’t Got That Ping” goes on to point out that last week’s BlackBerry blackout didn’t affect behavior. People continued to check for e-mails and messages even though they knew the system wasn’t working.

One researcher uses the term “acquired attention deficit disorder” to describe the condition of people who are accustomed to a constant stream of digital stimulation and feel bored in the absence of it. Regardless of whether the stimulation is from the Internet, TV or a cellphone, the brain is hijacked in much the same way as a drug addict’s brain compels them to reach for their drugs.

For the full article go here.