The iPhone - Doesn't Slice, Doesn't Dice, but Will It Blend?

We tried blending a BlackBerry Curve, but it was too tough! The blender broke, the kitchen caught on fire and the video footage was destroyed. At least our buddy Tom had more success with tossing his iPhone into a Blender.  You have to watch this!


The Celebrity Smartphone Debate - Curve or iPhone?!

Paris Hilton and Lindsay LohanResearch in Motion did a great job in flooding Hollywood with the Blackberry Curve at the end of May. The celebrity studded BlackBerry Curve launch party made sure of that!

Fast forward six weeks, and yet another celebrity wardrobe accessory has entered the scene in the way of the iPhone.

While every CrackBerry Addict can spew out a dozen or more reasons why they would never trade in their BlackBerry for an iPhone (no removable battery, no voice dialing, no outlook/exchange support, requires an itunes account, no real developer API, lacking visual voicemail, etc. etc.) the great debate is which smartphone will the celebs choose - the Curve or the iPhone? It looks like Paris is out of prison and using the Curve, while Lindsay is out of Rehab and giving the iPhone a try.

It'll be interesting to see how things play out. My gut says you'll see a lot of pictures flying around of celebs with iPhones in the next month, but give it three months and they will all be  thumbing on CrackBerrys once again!

Thanks to LyricalGenius for sending us the pics!

JOB FLASH: BlackBerry Systems Admin Wanted!

Charles River ConsultantsJust Posted! Charles River Consultants out of New York, New York is seeking candidates with a wide variety of BlackBerry architecture and application development skills. CRC is a global technology consulting firm that designs and operates advanced BlackBerry applications and servers for secure data transactions for financial institutions. 

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Balsillie Unfazed By iPhone Onslaught

balsillie ipod

The new iphone is out and everyone is lining up for the Apple device and marveling at its ability to flip album covers and change functions at the wave of a hand. Useful things like typing are a bit of a problem but did I mention the album flipping thing?

Another person who is unconcerned about the iPhone release, or at least faking it really well, is RIM Co-CEO Jim Balsillie. Interviewed at RIM's Waterloo headquarters this weekend Balsillie said he's not losing sleep over Apple's efforts to upend the wireless market.

Balsillie said he couldn't even confirm whether anyone at RIM's sprawling campus has managed to get their hands on an iPhone. Riiiight and the Leafs will win the Stanley Cup next year. (Or the Pirates the World Series or Derby County the Premiership depending on where you are.)

The whole air of indifference Balsillie is projecting is interesting considering Apple may have sold as many as half a million iPhones in its first weekend. But then RIM are in the habit of adding about a million subscribers every three months and the whole iPhone is going to slow up at some point.

The iPhone doesn’t add a huge amount of functionality, but it does raise the bar on the look and feel of wireless devices. Perhaps more importantly, Apple is being aggressive in the way smart phones are sold and marketed by wresting control of consumer experience from wireless carriers. This should be getting Balsillie’s attention as RIM are going to have to look at their relationships in response.

Balsillie has reason to sleep well though. Last week, RIM blew past analysts' expectations with quarterly results that included a 76 per cent increase in sales to over $1 billion in what was supposed to be a slower time of the year for the company. Stocks soared more than 20 per cent overnight. The following day, several analysts jacked up their 12-month targets and may be forced to do so once again after RIM received approval to sell the BlackBerry in China.

"We're definitely in a leading spot in a hot sector," he says. "I think we accepted the fact a little while ago that we're no longer steering the ship, but aiming it." Nice quote.

Report Points to BlackBerry Investment Returns

ipsos reid logo

Called “Analyzing the Return on Investment of a Blackberry User” it is every bit as boring as it sounds. But deep within the report by Ipsos Reed are some interesting facts. We read the report so you don’t have to but if you are into that sort of thing you can read it here .

The report published this week concludes that each BlackBerry user converts one hour of downtime a day into productive time. Results from a similar report conducted by the same company in 2004 were compared to responses this year. One interesting statistic is that fewer people believe their BlackBerrys increase their productivity than the people three years ago. Yet usage was up an average of 15 minutes per day and BlackBerrys today come with many more productivity tools.

On the other hand a majority of respondents believe that their BlackBerrys do save them personal time. The average respondent claims to save more than 40 minutes of personal time as a result of their BlackBerry usage.

The majority of the report is geared toward management and detailing the cost saving that management can realize by implementing a BlackBerry solution for their companies and employees. The Survey reports that most respondents believe that BlackBerrys increase productivity and increase work output.

It is estimated that the average BlackBerry user gets 26 time sensitive e-mails each week while they are out of the office. The BlackBerry cuts down lost time.

The conclusions that Ipsos Reed reach estimate that companies can make significant returns on investment in the BlackBerry and most corporations can make their money back in as little as six months.

RIM Ready to Sell the BlackBerry in China

Rim ready to roll in ChinaResearch in Motion has received the OK to sell BlackBerry devices in China.

This is great news for RIM as they have been trying for 8 years to make this deal work.

RIM expects to start selling the 8700g handset in China at the end of next month. 5,000 advance orders have already been received.

This is Big, Big, BIG news for RIM! We'll stay on top of this story as it continues to develop. 


Transformers Transformers Transformers!

Transformers Transformers Transformers

Transformers Game for your BlackBerry

I saw Transformers last night, and it was AWESOME. It's been a while since I've been to a movie that received a standing ovation afterwards, but that was the case with Transformers. I give the movie a 5 outta 5. It's a must-see for anyone who grew up with Autobots and Decepticons in their vocabulary. I could probably spend an hour talking about it, but I don't want to ruin anything...just go see it!

So in addition to it being the 4th of July, I have also declared July 4th to be Transformer day for your BlackBerry!

Things to Do on Transformer Day for your BlackBerry:

- join in on the I wish my BlackBerry was a Transformer thread in the CrackBerry Forums

- get a free Transformer ringtone for your blackberry

- download the new Transformer game

Happy Transformer Day! Enjoy!

Canucks Get 8830 with TeleNav GPS

bell 8830 telnavCanadians usually get the shaft when it come to BlackBerry releases usually getting a specific device weeks or even a month later. Is it too much to ask that Canadians get things at the same time as their American cousins? I mean, they are made in Canada after all. Although if you believe Michael Moore and his movie ‘Sicko’ Canadians are so busy celebrating their healthcare system in the streets they hardly notice the late BlackBerry releases. Right.

So Canadians must be happy for small mercies. And today Canadians got one of those small mercies. Bell released the BlackBerry 8830 with the TeleNav GPS system over the weekend.

TeleNav GPS is pretty useful turn-by-turn navigations system. You simply input an address by keyboard or voice command and the system will deliver simple, easy to follow audio visual driving instructions. Whether you prefer 2D or 3D moving maps or to listen to the driving instructions the system is pretty handy.

TeleNav users can also log onto the the TeleNav site and suscribe to a bunch of handy add on features. There you can access a location sharing function and a preset Biz Finder feature.  You can also read reviews of businesses and restaurants. There are also real time traffic alerts and rerouting functions. Visit the site at .


CrackBerry Gets Royal Assent

queen eleizabeth blackberry Happy Canada day.

With the Princess Diana concert in full swing. Well, with the English National Ballet sandwiched between Nellie Furtado and Fergie its an odd swing. And you know if Diana were still alive she would be the most famous BlackBerry user in the world.

But news comes today that Queen Elizabeth will soon be a CrackBerry addict too. How’s that for a segue?

According to Hello! Magazine the 81-year old monarch is allegedly going to join the rest of the royals in getting one of the devices. Apparently, Prince Andrew is quite the CrackBerry addict and has convinced the rest of the family to get linked up. I imagine the Princes Harry and William already have them, although I have yet to see evidence of the them using them during the big concert.

Last week, I reported how the French government is worried about the Americans spying on its confidential Berry messages only to have RIM say that was impossible because all messages are encrypted. I am taking bets on how long it takes a British tabloid to figure how to break that code and publish Prince William’s messages to Kate Middleton. I am betting about two weeks.

The Queen is actually quite the techno junkie having already learned the intricacies of e-mail and obtained an iPod, on which presumably she listens to Elgar, Handel and Snoop Dogg.


Visual Voicemail - iPhone vs. SimulScribe

Our Best of WES 2007 winner SimulScribe makes a statement with this commercial. This might just be the best iPhone parody clip yet... Check out the clip, and then check out SimulSays for your BlackBerry today!


A Secret Agent from RIM

CrackBerry on Dog

You must have heard the excuse that many school kids tell their teachers when they fail to hand in their assignments on time: "My dog ate my homework!!!".  Well now I sympathize with them because my dog just ate my Samsung phone.  The screen got 'Cracked' and the battery severely damaged resulting in a useless hunk of trash.  As one of the last members of "The Crack Team " without a BlackBerry I now had no other excuse not to get one.  I am currently enjoying my BlackBerry 8700 and my dog is treating my new phone better too. I am now thinking that my dog might be a secret agent from RIM and she purposely chewed up my old phone! 

Chewed up SamsungChewed up Samsung 2

Research in Motion Reports First Quarter Results

Results!RIM announced their quarterly results yesterday and oh my, everyone is excited. The stock opened up over 18% from yesterday’s close.

Revenue for the first quarter of fiscal 2008 was $1.082 billion, up 16.3% from $930.4 million in the previous quarter and up 76.5% from $613.1 million in the same quarter of last year.

In addition to completing their first billion dollar quarter, the total number of BlackBerry subscriber accounts in the quarter increased by approximately 1.2 million to over 9 million total subscriber accounts.

I’d like to extend a big hearty welcome to all those new BlackBerry owners! Come by our site, say hello, and stay awhile!

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RIM Stocks Surge On Record Earnings


Hold on to your hats if you are a RIM stock owner. In a move that might drive Jim Cramer mad, Research in Motion reported its first billion-dollar sales quarter and today announced plans to split its surging stock on a three-for-one basis.

RIM released first-quarter results after the markets closed on Thursday and that showed revenues of $1.08 billion US, up almost 77 per cent from the same quarter last year.

RIM says it will ship its 20-millionth BlackBerry unit this summer. Net income in Q1 was a record $223.2 million US ($1.17 a share), up 73 per cent over last year. RIM shares surged $28 US in after-hours trading to almost $194 US.

The three-for-one stock split will be effective August 20 said RIM.

The company reported it added 1.2 million BlackBerry subscribers in the quarter, bringing its total subscriber base to more than nine million. It also shipped 2.4 million devices in Q1 and said it expects to ship its 20-millionth BlackBerry this summer.

[Source ]

Bettman Breaks Balsillie

gary bettman

Research in Motion’s Co-Ceo Jim Balsillie has seen his dream of owning a hockey team and bringing it north to Canada take another hit from NHL commish Gary Bettman.

A year ago, Bettman got in Balsillie’s way when the BlackBerry business guru attempted to buy the Pittsburgh Penguins and move the team. Balsillie pulled out of negotiations to buy that team when it was made obvious that the league, or rather Bettman would not let the team move.

Last month, Balsillie entered into negotiations with the owners of the ailing Nashville Predators with the intent of moving the team to Hamilton, Ontario. Everyone seemed to be on board. Balsillie seemed to be overpaying for the franchise, which was fine for other owners he love inflated prices (a high tide raises all boats and all that). But then in rode Bettman again who is pushing Nashville owners to take a lesser bid from a group who want to move the team to that hockey hotbed of Kansas City. Bettman’s desire to keep teams in the US at any cost is driving the league into the ground. Or ice.

Then again, Bettman did outflank the union during the 2005 lockout and so busting some Balsillie is nothing for him. He might wonder his BlackBerry service starts cutting out from now on though.

Early Reports: iPhone Dissapoints For Business Use

The iPhone Dissapoints?A number of trusted sources have mentioned to us and our friends that the iPhone is somewhat dissapointing... Especially for business purposes:

"It won't replace a BlackBerry. It's not good for text input. It's just not a business product."

Reports have shown that the keyboard was a let down. Keyboarding with two thumbs often registers multiple key strokes, resulting in a bunch of mistakes... And the text auto-correction only works well for simple words.

The touchscreen is also said to have required somewhat harder presses to register input.

I must say this is a bit dissapointing to hear as I had hoped for better things from the iPhone, but I'll wait to get my hands on one before I pass judgement!


Get 500 Daily Newspapers on Your Berry

press displayGood news for new junkies and CrackBerry addicts. PressDisplay today announced that their Mobile PressDisplay software is now available for BlackBerry.

PressDisplay offers up more than 500 newspapers from 70 countries for you to peruse. Talk about getting a broad range of opinions.

There is a cost of $29.95/month, but you do get to read newspapers as diverse as the New York Times, Le Figaro, The Victoria Times Colonist and the Taranaki Daily all on your smartphone. If you miss a story PressDisplay does keep archives for two weeks for free after which you have to pay per view.

The service is compatible with the Curve, Pearl and BlackBerry 8800.

[Source ]

Amazon Dumping BlackBerrys For Fifty Bucks

at and t curveI love Amazon for their books and, increasingly, everything else it seems. The latest Amazon deal is a BlackBerry Curve. Depending on different reports if you take the Curve off Amazon’s hands and sign up with an AT&T service plan you’ll either pay $49.00 or Amazon will pay you $25 when all the rebates are factored in.

Not a bad deal considering we Canadians pay like $350.00 for one. Although that said a buddy of mine walked into a Rogers dealership said he had been with them for a few years and was thinking of an iphone and ta-da they sold him a brand new Curve for $125. Nice, who wouldn’t get one for that price?

Amazon has done this before with BlackBerrys however, usually not so close to the launch of a device. There is speculation that Amazon want to unload their Berry stock before the iPhone turns up, even though Amazon have no plans to sell the little apple phone.

AT&T and Apple are about to start marketing the iPhone probably unlike any phone ever that has come before it and there is a fear that the Curve will get lost in the onslaught.

AT&T still lists the BlackBerry Curve on their site for $200 with a two year plan. But then a lot of people are going to ask why not go with the iPhone if you are on AT&T? Verizon’s superior 3G network would be a better alternative to those who want to resist the iPhone and stick with the curve.

Jessica Simpson still loves her CrackBerry

With BlackBerry sponsoring the John Mayer tour to help promote the new BlackBerry Curve, the mobile world has been waiting to see if in the wake of their break-up Jessica Simpson would leave her BlackBerry in favor of another mobile device.

The answer is in, and it seems Jessica is sticking to her trusted BlackBerry 8700. These photos were taken in Hollywood on June 15th as Jessica was leaving an Italian restaurant. And it seems in addition to her BlackBerry 8700, Jessica managed to score one of's limited edition t-shirts. Only 20 of these bad boys have been made to date! Other than the one I kept for myself, I gave the rest away at WES! I guess somebody must have passed one on to Jessica - good work! It looks great!   

Jessica Simpson with her BlackBerry 8700 and CrackBerry T-Shirt

Jessica Simpson in her T-Shirt

Maybe it's time to get more t-shirts made up! Anybody want to pre-order? You can check out our T-Shirt proofs after the jump!

"CrackBerry" the Musical

We all knew CrackBerry was bound to hit Broadway. Here's the pilot of "CrackBerry" the Musical.  Randi, one of the makers of this clip, sent me this email, "Your site is fantastic - just wanted to share with you a short parody music video we made, titled "CrackBerry," to the tune of "Blackbird" by the Beatles. Enjoy!"

Thanks Randi, A+ effort and execution!


French Use CrackBerrys on the Sly Despite Warnings

blackberry franceApparently even dire warnings about the threat of snooping by American spies aren't enough to keep some top French government officials from nursing CrackBerry addictions on the sly.

According to a story published in today’s edition of the French newspaper Le Monde, bureaucrats continue ignore a warning from the head of France's national defense agency that bars certain categories of government officials from using their BlackBerrys to circulate sensitive government information.

Attempts have been made to find an alternative medium but those attempts have failed.

Meanwhile, an unnamed member of the prime minister's cabinet admitted that after one failed attempt at replacing the devices with something else, certain people have opted to continue using the CrackBerrys "in secret."

Alain Juillet, a senior official in charge of economic intelligence for the French government, justified the plan by saying the BlackBerry poses "a problem of data security." While the BlackBerrys themselves come from Canada who would never spy on anyone as it isn’t the thing to do don’t you know, some of the main BlackBerry mail servers reside in the United States, where French security officials fear the messages are vulnerable to being checked out by National Security Agency.

What they would be looking for is anyone’s guess. A recipe for Croque Monsieur perhaps.

Restrictions on BlackBerry use aren't unique to France. The Australian government also prohibits agencies from using the devices to transmit confidential, secret or top secret information—again, secret barbie recipes.

[ Source