Cool BlackBerry Commercial! What Slogan Would You Use?!

Check out the cool BlackBerry commercial below. It's pretty sweet!

You'll notice at the end of the commercial though, instead of having a slogan there's a brief list of things you can do with your BlackBerry. In this case the way RIM did it really suits the commercial but I have always been a big fan of taglines guy myself...

There's a hot thread in the Forums right now called BlackBerry Slogans... you'll want to check it out to see what users think could be fitting taglines for their beloved device. Any suggestions? Add them to the list!

How to Deal with a BlackBerry Outage...

Drink a Bottle of 99 BlackBerries!

99 BlackBerries

I guess 99 BlackBerries + 2 BlackBerrys really equals 101 BlackBerrys. Thanks to Steve for sending this in - he and his buddy had a gooood night. For more information on 99 BlackBerries Flavored Shnapps, visit

BlackBerry 9000 to Launch With OS version 4.6?!

BlackBerry 9000Our friend Jibi over at BG just posted some new news about the hopefully soon to be released BlackBerry 9000 smartphone. The news? An OS (operating system) rebranding.

It was originally thought the rumored (yet to be announced by RIM) BlackBerry 9000 would ship with OS version 4.3.2. But just as OS 4.3.1 has been rebranded to OS 4.5, the 9000's 4.3.2 OS will be rebranded to version 4.6. Straight from Jibi:

OS 4.6.0 has un-officially graduated from internal development at RIM and has been moved on into the official builds and carrier certification process. This same process started for OS 4.3.1 in the September / October 2007 time frame and we’ve yet to see an announcement of availability from RIM or any carrier. It has been widely reported in forums that the successor BlackBerry - model number 9000 for those who are still spreading rumors otherwise - was plagued with battery drain issues due to the inclusion of Wi-Fi, GPS and 3G, much to the shared chagrin of every other vendor who can’t seem to perfect this flaw with 3G devices. The good news is that the introduction of the carrier certification process may indicate the remote possibility that a workaround and/or resolution has been implemented for the new does-it-all device.

Nevermind OS 4.6 though...I just want OS 4.5 to be officially released!

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Share the Love & Win Valentine's Contest Winners!

Share the Love & Win Winners!

And the winners in's Share the Love & Win Valentine's BlackBerry Giveaway are.....


  • New BlackBerry - melissac13
  • $200 in Accessories - thewesman

Congrats! thewesman actually referred melissac13 to and melissac13 ended up being the name drawn for the Grand Prize. That's what sharing the love and being CrackBerry Mates is all about!


  • $100 in Accessories - myzzvi

myzzvi will receive $100 in accessories from our store for being the member who "Shared the Most Love" this Valentine's Day!

Winners will be contacted via email within the next 24 hours to arrange delivery of prizes. Thanks to all those participated!

Social Networking is the Future of BlackBerry?


The secret of the BlackBerry’s success is security, according to RIM’s co-chief executive Jim Balsillie, but social networking is its future.

So apparently Jim was talking at a session on mobile services at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. He touted the security features of BlackBerry such as built-in firewalls and the ability to remotely lock and wipe devices as key to its adoption by the organization.

But the future, said Balsillie, lies in a B2B social-networking revolution that is coming. “Once social networking becomes a B2B phenomenon — not unlike IM and texting — I believe every single social-networking user will want a data plan,” he told the Mobile World Congress audience.

What are your thoughts? Is social networking the next revolution coming to mobile devices? In addition to being an essential communication tool, will the BlackBerry also become a critical social facilitator? Will social networking be just another facet of BlackBerry ownership, or will it join phone and email to become the 3rd killer mobile app?

Either way, you may want to check out Facebook for BlackBerry.

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Palm Tries to Exploit 'The Outage'

Palm Tries to exploit 'The Outage'Nothing like making the most of a bad situation.  Only that isn't really the case.  More like trying to salvage some sort of customer base from a competitors misfortune.  A quick browse of Palm's website today totes "palm smartphones include voice, e-mail, text, Web, calendar and contacts.  And most importantly - uptime".

Nothing like trying to capitalize off someone else's mistake.

Granted, these things happen in the real world technology battle, but it seems like a stretch to me.  Honestly, how many people are considering dropping their new Pearl for a Treo (which, might I add, was ranked last in a recent customer satisfaction survey.) due to the outage on Monday? Not to mention the Treo was pretty much nothing more than a phone the past few weeks with the number of AT&T outages that occurred. Podcast Now on iTunes! iTunes Podcast

Just a quick note to let you know our Podcast feed is now available through iTunes. If you subscribe to the Podcast feed in iTunes new episodes will automatically be downloaded to your computer as they are published! And if you enjoyed our first Podcast, be sure to comment on it in our iTunes' page!

Alcatel-Lucent to Offer Prepaid Options to Carriers

Alcatel-LucentAlcatel-Lucent announced yesterday they will be offering prepaid options to carriers customized for the Blackberry platform.  The plan will be hosted by the company and integrate with a carriers existing network.  The option will charge users based on email volume, so users will essentially only pay for what they use.  Those who don't want to spring for expensive email and data plans will now have a seemingly inexpensive solution.  The usage would be tracked and based off the customers prepaid account instead of upfront regulated or unlimited data plans. 

"In line with Alcatel-Lucent's strategy to provide extensive expertise in managed communication services, we are proud to develop and provide customers with prepaid options for BlackBerry smartphones. We hope this solution will enable more operators in high-growth economies to greatly expand their business opportunity", said Michel Rahier, President of Alcatel-Lucent's Carrier business.

My Take on the Latest RIM Outage

Another RIM OutageOutage, failure, interruption, chaos, near death experience - call it what you will, but its all we've heard about all week.  For Blackberry users, Monday left us feeling like a toddler with no Spongebob.  Thought of "Why! Why?" and "What in the world is going on!" flowed through our heads.  We cried to each other, and to those who could have cared less, and waited it out (as we had no other choice) and hoped for the best.  RIM took an unscheduled day off and we felt like the world was coming to an end.  Local news agencies were all over the story (I live near NYC, so it was fairly big news) and even my mother (who doesn't even own a contract phone) called me to ask if my precious 8830 was working. 

No one has yet discovered the real reason for the outage, but many have speculated in their own ways.  The most important revelation that most of us could have ignored before Monday is that at some point in their travel through cyberspace, all emails coming or going from any Blackberry device have to take a detour through RIM's network operations center in Canada.  The problem isn't with Canada, its the fact that everything needs to cycle through one specific location at one point in its travels.

Frank Gilman, the chief technology officer for Los Angeles law firm Allen Matkins, was forced to deal with the outage Monday afternoon. "What surprised me was the apparent lack of a solid business continuity plan on RIM's part to ensure reasonable connectivity," he said "A company that is marketing devices that increase the mobility of professionals should have systems and contingencies in effect to avoid an outage of that size and duration."

RIM will have to fess up at some point as to just what happened - be it "upgrades" as some say, or just plain overload.  The company is blaming "a problem with an internal data routing system within the BlackBerry service infrastructure that had been recently upgraded," according to the statement.  Obviously as the Blackberry nation grows, upgrades are a necessity, but someone must have flipped the wrong switch this time. 

For anyone wanting more of an explanation, this is the best RIM can offer: "Once again, RIM apologizes to its customers for any inconvenience."

Rogers Offering 'BOGO' on the BlackBerry 8700

BOGO from Rogers WirelessOur 'Friendly Neighborhood Rogers Guy' dropped us a quick note this afternoon to tell us about the following offer from Rogers...

Effective February 13, 2008, new Rogers Blackberry customers can choose from one of the following offers:

  • Buy one Blackberry device and get up to 4 BlackBerry 8700’s for $0 when they and sign up for a 3-year term with Voice and Data. OR
  • Buy one Blackberry device and get $100 off up to 4 Blackberry 8310’s when they and sign up for a 3-year term with Voice and Data.   

The BlackBerry 8700 is now available to all customers with any combination of 3 year Voice and Data plan.

Important Notes:

  • This offer does not apply to BPR customers
  • Customers must be activated on 3-year shared plan with Voice and Data to receive the Blackberry BOGO offer. 
  • Offer available to new secondary-line activations only (up to 4 eligible secondary users at one time); existing users who wish to migrate as secondary-line users to will pay standard hardware upgrade (HUP) in-market pricing on devices

Head into your local Rogers store for more details.

nuTsie Mobile Music Coming To Blackberry?

nuTsie Mobile Music Coming to BlackBerry?Melodeo, Inc. today announced they will be distributing their nuTsie mobile music service in the next few months to Blackberry smartphones - namely the Pearl and Curve.  nuTsie is a mobile/online music service where users can listen to their iTunes music and playlists on their smartphone, PC or other mobile phone. users can also find and listen to new music by searching and browsing by artist, member, category and song title.  Melodeo Inc has reached deals with multiple carriers. Alltel, AT&T, SunCom, T-Mobile, Danger, Motorola, Rogers Wireless in Canada, 3 in the UK and Ireland, China Unicom, Sony BMG Music Entertainment and Warner Music Group in China; TDC in Denmark, Korean Telecom Freetel (KTF) in Korea and M1 in Singapore.

"nuTsie allows our partners to leverage the high consumer demand for mobile music, as well as the popularity and existing consumer investment in iTunes," said Jeff Bartee, Director of Sales & Business Development for Melodeo, Inc. "We're excited to bring this product to the BlackBerry platform and we look forward to the commercial launch this spring."

Just another step in the right direction to harness the full power of our favorite piece of technology.


Research In Motion Officially Announces the New BlackBerry 8800 Smartphone

After many months of speculation, RIM today announced the BlackBerry 8800, the thinnest BlackBerry handset yet. The 8800 comes with a full QWERTY keyboard, built-in GPS, multimedia features and a microSD expandable memory slot.

From the Press Release:

The BlackBerry 8800 smartphone offers another winning combination of superior hardware, software and service embodied by an extremely elegant industrial design, said Mike Lazaridis, President and Co-CEO at Research In Motion. “We spent a tremendous amount of effort refining the BlackBerry 8800, inside and out, and that effort will be evident to customers. From the premium finish to the vivid screen to the exceptional sound quality and the unmatched usability, the BlackBerry 8800 is a standout choice for mobile professionals.

The official device website is

AT&T will be the first wireless carrier in North America to launch the BlackBerry 8800 when it begins offering it across its wireless retail and business channels on February 21. The BlackBerry 8800 from AT&T has an exclusive, premium, dark blue finish and AT&T uniquely supports Push To Talk (PTT) on the handset. This is the first AT&T handset that is GPS enabled.

The BlackBerry 8800 will be available in Canada exclusively at Rogers Wireless and is expected to be available in retail and business channels in March.

BlackBerry 8800
The BlackBerry 8800 Smartphone

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RIM Introducing BlackBerry Remote Stereo Gateway at Mobile World Congress 2008

BlackBerry Remote Stereo GatewayWe recently ran a post at the end of January all about the new BlackBerry Remote Stereo Gateway that will allow us to listen to music wirelessly. I think we can all agree it looks like a slick little device. It debuted at CES weeks ago, but we've just got our hands on a official press release from RIM which was sent out at the Mobile World Congress. Looks like RIM will be officially 'introducing' the device at the Congress which is going on right now (11-14 of February) in Barcelona.

A special thanks to josep at for sending this in!

365 Days of Blog Post Goodness from!

Our First Blog Post GraphicWooHoo!! We Did It! A Year of Blog Posts!

February 12th, 2008 marks one full year since I said Hello to the BlackBerry world. You can check out our First Blog Post here (the image to the right was the first Blog post image we used too!).

I don't consider today to be the site's actual Birthday or Anniversary though (what do websites celebrate anyways?!)... that date is reserved for February 26th. The first couple of weeks of having the site live we were still tweaking a lot of things up, but it was on February 26th that we fired off some press releases and REALLY told the World that is OPEN FOR BUSINESS.

We're cooking up a big promotion to celebrate the 26th, so you'll want to watch the blogs and our newsletter to see what we have in store. In the meantime, don't forget that Valentine's Day is only a couple of sleeps away, and that means we are getting close to somebody winning a New BlackBerry in our Share the Love & Win Valentine's Giveaway! If you haven't Shared the Love yet, do it today!

And if you want to celebrate some nostalgia today, why not take a read through our first month of Blog Posts. I took a stroll down memory lane this morning... it boggles my mind how much BlackBerry news there is in a year. It sure feels like we have been around longer than a year, don't ya think?!

ALERT: National BlackBerry Outage

Update: Reports in the forums and elsewhere show that things seem to bet getting back to normal. Pheww. Not sure what the cause of all this was, but am sure we will find out in the days ahead.

Here we go again, looks like another BlackBerry outage. Seems to be on RIM's end and is affecting both BES and BIS users across North America. Service interuption levels are varying. Click through to the Forums link at the bottom to stay on top of what's going down! 

(From RIM) - BlackBerry subscribers may be unable to send or receive messages. Subscribers may also be unable to register their device, roam in another location, or use other services such as Internet browsing.

BlackBerry Internet Service subscribers may be unable to use the BlackBerry Internet Service web site or perform activities such as creating new accounts, accessing their Internet mailbox, integrating third-party email accounts, or viewing email attachments.

Devices may not receive new service books. BlackBerry Connect and BlackBerry-enabled devices that require a new PIN may be unable to receive the PIN.

BlackBerry Enterprise Servers may be unable to connect to the BlackBerry Infrastructure.

Wireless service providers and device resellers may be unable to use BlackBerry administration web sites or perform activities such as creating subscriber accounts or provisioning services for subscribers.

Free Scribble Theme from RIM

RIM has released a new free theme for the 83xx and 88xx series. It’s called “Scribble”, and if you have one of those devices, you can get it from Just point your BlackBerry browser to that URL and look under the “What’s Hot” section.

The new theme invokes some nostalgic old memories of doodling on notebook paper while not listening in class. So now that you’re all grown up, you can gaze at the hand drawn icons of your BlackBerry while not listening in your business meeting.

Scribble Theme   Scribble
Scribble Theme  

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Confirmed: BlackBerry 8820 Coming to T-Mobile

As Kevin reported previously, rumors had it that the BlackBerry 8820 was coming to T-Mobile sometime around early march. Now, it appears as though we have actual evidence from T-Mobile as you can see from the data sheet below. You can check out all the features below which include GPS and the usual array of 8800 features. For now, the T-Mobile 8820 will be available in Midnight Blue.

T-Mobile BlackBerry 8820 [ Source ]

CDMA Sprint BlackBerry Curve 8330 Sighting!

Sprint BlackBerry Curve 8330
Sprint BlackBerry Curve 8330

Update: More Images added, after the jump

This just in from the Forums, images of what we are told is the long awaited and rumored CDMA-based BlackBerry Curve 8330. The images fit the description of what we have heard the CDMA-Curve will look like (basically the same as the GSM Curve, but with a Black keyboard). I wish a picture would have been posted with the battery cover off so we could take a better peak of what's under the hood!

There's been a lot of talk of the CDMA Curve as of late (sounds like CDMA carriers are doing testing on the devices now), so it was only a matter of time before we started seeing some pictures. I'm sure we'll see more in the days ahead. The member who posted these images suggested a mid-June release of the 8330 on Sprint and posted a few other details worth checking out.

I've seen conflicting information and received conflicting tips on the 8330, so I'm leary to post anything as "concrete" fact here in the blogs just yet (do a Forum Search for CDMA Curve and you can dig through the conversations). But it sounds like Sprint's CDMA Curve *should* have GPS (not a stretch since their 8130 and 8830 do), won't have WiFi, *could* have World Capability (have read both, but tend to think won't as that's more of an Enterprise Customer thing which is who the 8830 services) and should ship with Sprint's Sprint TV, Sprint Radio, Sprint Music Store and EVDO goodness. And for all you Verizon, Alltel, Telus and Bell customers here in North America, I don't think you have to worry that this was a "Sprint" post... I'm sure once the Curve comes to one CDMA carrier all the others will follow in relatively short succession.

As always, if you have any concrete tips and pics, you can always send it in to tips @!

RIM BlackBerry with Tilt & Slide Form Factor

RIM BlackBerry Tilt & Slide Phone

While the first RIM patent application we came across today covered a method of integrating a touchscreen within an LCD, our second patent app discovery depicts a mockup of an actual BlackBerry device that would make use of this technology. This patent, entitled HANDHELD MOBILE COMMUNICATION DEVICE WITH MOVEABLE DISPLAY/COVER MEMBER shows a BlackBerry with a slider configuration. The images above show both full QWERTY and SureType variations and one could only presume with the keyboard hidden the display would act as a touchscreen.

Who knows if a BlackBerry device will ever see the light of day in this exact form factor (just like that angled keyboard we looked at a few weeks back), but it's a good example of how RIM may combine a touchscreen and physical keyboard down the road. The concept here is that you can use it as a full touch, or slide and tilt the display upwards to access the keyboard. The tilt up display would also be awesome for watching streaming video. 

Startling and intriguing images don't you think? One thing can be said for sure - obviously RIM is planning some sort of touchscreen device in the future.

[ Source

Evidence RIM is Working on a Touchscreen BlackBerry!

Touchscreen BlackBerry Patent

A new Patent Application from RIM went through to publication yesterday morning, entitled SYSTEM AND METHOD OF INTEGRATING A TOUCHSCREEN WITHIN AN LCD. It's hard to not get excited about this if you reside in the BlackBerry camp wanting to see a Touchscreen BlackBerry added to RIM's offering. And according to our buddy Russell Shaw who posted the story, we may not have to wait TOO long to see it (he estimates 3 months). Russell's reasoning? Most patent apps take about 18 months to hit publication once they have been submitted. This one only took four months - and apparently this isn't a sign of USPTO efficiency, rather, a sign of a products imminent release. Three months would put a touchscreen BlackBerry announcement just in time for WES. I think that's probably overly optimistic thinking at this point, but would love to see that be the case!